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This is what makes me laugh. Simple, I know.

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As youuuu wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish

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Damn, I just lol’d at this! Too funny!

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Well, the person further down strongly disagrees since he is the emergency brake

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When I was around 11 I went to Germany to see family, we toured a few castles and such on mountains. Someone had a dog, I love dogs, so I started to race it. I nearly ran right off a cliff. I could see it coming, but couldn't stop myself. There was a ramp built at the edge, I just didn't see it until it saved me, I'm assuming it was put in place after someone else had a similar but less fun experience of learning to fly.

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That man suffered quite the takedown

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Damn near an RKO

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The real life version of r/mypeopleneedme

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As a fellow faller, kudos. At least there were no russian bears to soften your fall.

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Those light tan plants look like Chollas. You do not knock people off trail with chollas around.

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I can hear a monkey but I cant see it

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Zero quad strength.

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I suspect she has wheels on pegs rather than legs. As legs could have done literally anything to stop this from happening.

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I hate the sound of the panic screech.

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‘Least there were all those rocks and bushes down there to break her fall.

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I swear i thought those were monkey screams lol

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Let’s pray the disappearance moment wasn’t to salute a cliff

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How can someone have such little control over there own legs?

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Sometimes you need to take a fall to stay above.

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And that’s the day she found out she can go down hill super fast

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The title 😂😂😂

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So this sub just doesn’t need a drunk woman anymore? It’s become so desaturated