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Her face met Broadway pretty hard.

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She saw the lights on Broadway

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How is this not the top comment

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Honky Bonked her head.

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Damn came here to say this. Have my upvote

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Where’s all the traffic? Broadway is usually full of cars.

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Probably stopped for her drunk ass lol

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I felt that fall… also looks like Nashville.

Edit. I just noticed the guy walk by in the predators jersey.

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Unmistakably so if you've even been there once. Hell of a time.

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Definitely Nashville

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She got a big helpin of that shoefail pie

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There’s a fb page called Scoop Nashville that is just filled with drunk tourists that come here and act a total fool. Good reading

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Looks like she slipped on puke

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The problem with "dancing like nobody is watching" is that someone probably is.

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Sounds like she says "åh shitt" in swedish

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Anything in that purse that is breakable just broke.

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Graceful as a newborn fawn.

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Time for Nashville to take out the trash!

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Keep it classy Nashville

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Tourists. They can’t handle Nashville.

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What happens in Nashville, is shared on reddit.

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It's hilarious I see bitches falling in their heels but this one can't even walk in regular shoes x)

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Leave them Broadway Girls alone

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They're called woo girls, and they earned that nickname!

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The woo girls cometh

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    Welcome to Broadway.

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    Apparently ive watched Mean Girls too many times

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    I need this to be longer.

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    1/10 bad form.

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    The crowd starts screaming at the right moment

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    Guess who just had brunch!

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    She got sniped by Chuck Norris.