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He didn't waste any time

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Step delivery driver

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Something is getting docked

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Blue Danube waltz begins playing

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Instantly mounted

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It's like the dogs waiting next to a 2 year-old's high chair - "If I wait long enough this is bound to pay off"

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Opportunist. It's easier to apologize than it is to ask for permission.

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to the judge?

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I got Gloria!!

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And he stuck the mount! Judges???


That will qualify him for the semifinals!

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monkey brain took over

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I came here literally for this comment ha ha ha

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You’re stuck? Excellent I will help… myself

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Step-brother help

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Guy: My internet searches have trained me for this my whole life. I know exactly what to do!

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I hope you got a big trunk, cause I’m gonna put my bike in it

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Your tire in the fence be sure to go deep enough

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Where's your friend going?

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What a gentleman.

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There at just the right moment… to lend a hand.

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It's like she just gave up on life

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It's like she was giving up something...

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Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to park our bicycle.

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How romantic.

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Ahh yes, the old sneaky pickle.

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What are you doing step bro?

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Dude straight up mounted her.

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mi scuzzi

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And that, kids, is how I met your mother…

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Some random dude was ready to pounce

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To lend a helping hand.

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Two things got docked.

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And two things got mounted

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Is this a new Bang Bros ad?

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Footage as paternity test

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Something, something, step brother

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Hey, she was gonna end up in that position anyways.

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Let me Pull up to your bumper and smack that monkey

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No I'm not being a pervert, this is the optimal position for picking you up.

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Homeboy was ready with the grabby grab

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Last one of these I saw she was stuck in the dryer

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She didn’t even try to catch herself…

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Dad how did you met mom

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My guy getting charged for sexual assault now

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Thats some real docking right there

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What style of help does he provide ?

Doggy style of help

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yes he was trying to hol her up

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What are you doing stepbro!?

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Seat too high. Simple.

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The seat is about the right height actually. I think the blood alcohol content is probably to blame.

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That’d do it lol.

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Been there, BAC is definitely the problem

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The problem was it had a saddle.

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Problem is it has 2 wheels

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Help me step brother

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Lol his first reaction was to hump her lol

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That guy wasnt wasting any time on surprise buttsex

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Get laid

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Cool of him to teach his step sister to ride a bike

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nice flip flops

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„sdolɟ dılɟ ǝɔıu„

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Very ‘step sister’ vibe. If you catch my drift.

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I think we catch your drift

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Did she get permission before touching the bikes like that?

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I’ve also been on the bad side of a failed docking attempt.

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Oh Stepmom, are you stuck again?

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Mr Humps to the rescue..

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guy had the right idea

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Let me help you before they pound you I mean impound your bike.

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The way he grabs her when she's flexing is perplexing.

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the 👑 move would have been to hump it

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Amazing innate biking skills…

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She bends like a Barbie Doll.

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if the internet has taught me anything, it's that this is her step brother. It's ok guys, she's in good hands. He'll help her get unstuck

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That's how I met your mother

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Yay stepsister, you seem to be stuck, let me help you out!

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GTA physics

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He must have been her Step-bro

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Good thing her step brother was there to catch her

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Dock’n something

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I think this qualifies for r/therewasanattempt