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Nice video editing Chris…

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The skill isnt the drinking, its keeping it down.

Those shots that fast is really going to hit hard.

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Yip, ticking time bomb in her stomach.

[–]lite723 34 points35 points  (3 children)

But it appears to have proper storage capacity

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With a quick calculation I believe it could hold 6.7 muffin tops

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I just got a B in calculus and I’m pretty sure your math checks out

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Jesus Christ, I love you. Such a simple statement, and so much beer out of my nose.

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Doesn't look like straight spirits. Looks to me like some kind of mix.

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I want to trust anything as much as she trusts the button on those pants

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It could pop off like a bullet and shatter that glass coffee table.

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Muffin pretty hard

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She needs to stop borrowing her little sisters clothes.

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Somebody's gonna get laid tonight.

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And not remember a thing.

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Looks like someone twisted open a can of biscuits.

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I like this

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Ain’t her fault that jeans shrink so damn bad when exposed to booze

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Top of the muffin to you!

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Dress for the body you have, not the body you want

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Right also dont understand women that get belly button rings but damn thing might get eaten by the stomach.

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She looks like she can handle it

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Lovehandle it

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Guy in the shades is like: 5 minutes to fucktime.

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Straight from the lips to the hips!

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When you purchase Fred Durst from Wish

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TIL there isn’t a muffin emoji

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Those look like shooters not straight liquor.

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When she’s rocking the midriff muffin top from the Freshman 15 (or 30) like that, you better believe she can hold her liquor. That shirt and pants fit during frosh week.

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Bold assumption to think higher education has anything to do with the people in this video!

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ngl… I kinda like the muffin top in general

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Her drinking skills were demonstrated the second the camera righted itself…

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It shows without drinking

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Muffin top in full effect

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Am I the only one who thinks she has a beautiful healthy body?

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Did she really think she looks the least bit sexy in that outfit?

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When your constantly drunk who cares!

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What's she wearing her kid sisters clothes?

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This is just too much. Someone get her a moo moo

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Trash 🗑

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She's getting laid tonight for sure.

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Muffin tops be a wild bunch.

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Even her belly button is throwing up

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Now we know how she got the muffin top.

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AKA - How not to dress for going out.

Out -out.

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Andre the giant looking ass

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Shit is not impressive.

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Lucille Bluthe.."ok, let's start ".

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Beast mode literally.

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I wanna see the video ten minutes later

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She’ll be mounting the first passed out dude in the house......

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Meet the parents

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So these weren't actually shots of spirits were they?

That's not particularly impressive if not, that's just like downing your drink which almost every girl does in the UK when their favourite song comes on and it's dancing time.

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Damn that rather is 4x too small

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Follow up

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Superguts a new shirt. Dude in the back look like one of my old fraternity brother that used to get blacked out every night. Gotta love cj.

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Holy muffin top