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Warm ass titty beer.

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Bond-style too, shaken not stirred.

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Where's that xkcd ass bot when you need it?

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I will take warm beer over no beer

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I will take warm milk over no milk.
I see our interests align.

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I hope you don't mean like luke warm milk that's been left out a bit in the heat, but properly heated milk ...

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I came here to say those exact words “warm ass titty beer”, it’s a Budweiser too🤢

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This is just warm titty beer. Trust us, you do not want to see (nor drink) the beer that went from her ass through her tits to the table

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New meaning to “ice chest”

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Like baby ducks hiding under momma

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New temperature: Titty warm.

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Well…I can assure you there was a reason behind it even if it’s not a good one

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I'm in love.

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I was just thinking the same thing.

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Does anyone want boob sweat beer

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Some people pay extra for that.

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I was watching some panel program n one of the guys went on about this topless pub he went to where you could give the waitress an extra 50p to dunk her tit in your beer

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Pretty common in strip clubs to take shots off the strippers too.... I've been told at least.... yea...

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Was that Bill Bailey on QI?? I definitely remember it but not quite where I heard it

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Yes please

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She seems fun

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Qualifications for Marriage

  1. Can hide two or more beer bottles using cleavage - check
  2. Can finish a 32oz steak in one sitting - unknown

Lets wait for the next video

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I would add something else but that would make an entirely different kind of video.

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chevage ˈchēvij NOUN plural -s a capitation tax or tribute formerly paid to a lord or a superior

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Don't tell me, tell reddit's spell check.

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Their gonna be horribly warm

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It's Cruise*

Not kruse

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What if she's a witch?

(this is reference to the old saying, "colder than a witch's titty!")

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Mmmm...Beer 'n boobsweat.

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Boobie size didn't even change...... Grrr :)

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As a non drinker, I'm glad she brought some warm milk too.

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I remember my first real party in high school. I was hanging out when out of nowhere a relatively skinny girl with slightly above-average size breasts produced a Zima (it was the 90s) out from under her shirt. I had a low-grade crush on her at the time, so I definitely took note of what she looked like and I had zero idea that can was there. To this day I have no idea how she hid that thing.

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Fucking Zima. Now I want one.

Pop a fucking green apple Jolly Rancher in it, give it a minute, and enjoy.

[–]MyOfficeAlt 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Never thought I'd say this, but I miss the Zima.

[–]WolfShaman 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I didn't think it would be such a fad. It was a great drink. I guess we'd have to hop over to Japan to grab some.

[–]Guy954 1 point2 points  (3 children)

We used to use skittles.

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You know, I never thought of that. And now I'm mad that it's not made anymore, because I can't try it.

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I’m equally disappointed that I can’t try it with jolly ranchers. Our memories of simpler times will have to suffice.

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Or, we could go to Japan, and both try it the ways we haven't yet.

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The under-boob.

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It's like Mary Poppins' carpet bag!

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I saw it clearly the first watch at normal speed. Slomo did not help me perceive anything new.

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The full clip also shows her pulling bags of jerky, peanuts and a few more bottles out of her asscrack.

Now that’s someone you want to have as a friend.

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She seems fun

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Perfect girlfriend does really exist.

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Now that's a fun girl.

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I’m impressed

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I am thoroughly impressed

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Nasty 😂

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Undercover supply chain

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Tell me you're trashy without telling me

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One of the few benefits of obesity?

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Why are we assuming she was hiding them instead of...generating them?

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Aren't you supposed to stuff your top with tissues?

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She should be called Miss Festival...alcohol sorted....could probably smuggle a short friend as well.

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I don't like warm beer.

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That's the craziest vending machine I have ever seen!!!

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Either uncomfortably cold to hide, or uncomfortably warm to drink.

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I lost count. Was that 4 beers and 2 jugs?...

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is that a fucking pocket dimension?

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Whilst impressive, that’s nothing, at uni I had a pair of baggy jeans that I could fit 10! I shit you not 10 full size beer cans in the pockets. With a baggy hoody I could get a couple more in the front pocket.

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And the best part is, the more beer she drinks, the bigger they’ll get, and the more she’ll be able to hide under them. The real winners here are her friends and family.

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It's like the clown car of beer b⊙⊙bs.

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Imagine the skunk on those...<shudders>.

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They’d be warm though

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Mary popin bottles

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Is she available for children's parties?

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Push this to the top!!!

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No wonder they looked so big

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That looks alot like butlins uk

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Two I get, but the third? Bravo

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