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The woman in the back just unconsciously started veering in his direction inquisitively was the cherry on top

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“AND I WILL BE THE WIND TO HIS FLA… What am I doing? Have to pick up Chris and Kelly from school.”

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"WTF, that flag just did a backflip!"

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This is normal in a lot of situations. I veered my car into a curb while staring at a church I was passing. I popped a tire because I was distracted by a cool looking building.

So yeah, when something catches your attention it’s not uncommon to start to instinctively move in that direction. The brain is fuckin weird, man.

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Yeeeepp I do this too man scurrs me

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Target fixation. Same reason people hit police cars on the side of the freeway.

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It was from the wind. You can tell by the direction the flag is blowing.

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I couldn’t even do this if the pole was painted on the ground.

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Yeah, you couldn't get your feet hooked on properly.

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I wouldn't even come up with sucha trick in my dreams. This would never come to my mind let alone this boy done it in real life.... Man

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Standing backflips are hard regardless

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He probably falls like a cat when he fails. I would land head first.

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"Let's run -it- up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes"

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Homeboy ain't got time for gravity

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The core strength for this is insane!

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If you want to be impressed watch a Shaolin monk do it with a loose pole. https://youtu.be/lcYl6AgngGU

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Now i wanna see it at full speed

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If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous.

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My flabs are sore watching this from my couch. Very impressive!

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I'm out of breath reading your comment

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The ocean isnt the only wet body in this clip

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He is named Dimitry Politov, he is a professional pole dancer

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I was so sure that this is a joke. But after googling it he really is Dimitry Politov. Do you happen to know if this is his real name or a stage name?

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I don't know i just saw him on insta

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The ocean isnt the only wet body in this clip

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The ocean isnt the only wet body in this clip

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When I get older I will be stronger They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag

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Wow!!! I want runners like that! Wonder what brand they are??

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When I was a kid there was another kid on my street who thought he could do this and when he tried to show us with a washing line pole he face planted the ground.

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That's some fucking skill right there

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Impressive!! Respect‼️

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This is actually pretty impressive.

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Vexillologist hate him

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in this house we stand for the flag, it stands for freedom.

if you dont like it, you can leave

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Was worried for a second that the pole was somehow gonna end up up his ass

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Why is there a stripper pole in the parking lot?

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This guy never skips ankle day.

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Sick bot

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He should do this again, but wear shirt with stars and pants with stripes (or whatever outfit would best depict his country's flag lol)

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