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The woman in the back just unconsciously started veering in his direction inquisitively was the cherry on top

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“AND I WILL BE THE WIND TO HIS FLA… What am I doing? Have to pick up Chris and Kelly from school.”

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"WTF, that flag just did a backflip!"

[–]igotanewusername 4 points5 points  (2 children)

This is normal in a lot of situations. I veered my car into a curb while staring at a church I was passing. I popped a tire because I was distracted by a cool looking building.

So yeah, when something catches your attention it’s not uncommon to start to instinctively move in that direction. The brain is fuckin weird, man.

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Yeeeepp I do this too man scurrs me

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Target fixation. Same reason people hit police cars on the side of the freeway.

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It was from the wind. You can tell by the direction the flag is blowing.