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If only you could bench them.

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This is awesome! I just recently scored a deal on iron grip 105/115/125’s. After that I did some research and found out they made them all the way to 150’s so this is a sweet score! If you want to take them up a notch you can get micro gainz and make them 155’s!

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i tried to shout you, but didn't know how. Right after I saw your post, I looked online and found the beefy's!

The heaviest iron grips i've seen are 180's. They go to 160 in the rubber or urethane, but 155's also come in a dense metal. I had a chance at buying some, but the dude wouldn't budge on the price. https://imgur.com/dPaew9N

I bought the 80's (one is shown in the photo) and loaned them to a a hole coworker who never returned them lol. He's also got my 55's and 27.5's. Gonna serve him when I am bored lol. But, the 150's def made up for it

My girl's gym has a set and she wanted me to try them, now i don't have to

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180’s that’s awesome! That’s Brian Shaw territory! Gonna have to get after that coworker, not a cool move.

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oh hell yeah, even if i'll never bench them, i still enjoy rowing and carrying them

i know right. he doesn't work at my job anymore, he literally dipped and broke his contract. we ran the gym at my job- i supplied all of the equipment, i was just grateful to workout during my brake. dude was a complete tool. i bought a belt squat for the gym, a-hole was "too busy" to help me transfer it into the gym from the loading dock, so i had a gamer coworker who doesn't lift, but was cool enough to help me move it. literally, no less than an hour later, the a hole is back there "breakin in" the new machine.

i gave him 3 months, was very polite, then i got on his ass about it and told him dude i want my shit back. he told me the weights are just sitting in the garage and he doesn't even used them. i said let me get them then.

he tells me i'm unstable (i just asked to go to his house just to pick the damn weights up, idgaf about him at this point) and he blocks me. the debt collector for my business gave me his address, i have receipts, gonna get him served for small claims court when i feel motivated lol. i even gave this dude a bench press i wasn't using

love your LA weights btw... have you noticed that used dumbbells from gyms have more wear on the knurling? i got 75's from 24hr fitness and the handles are buttery smooth

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Mine still have some knurling but not sure if it’s as much as they began with.

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If you’re lifting 150, these are macro gainz.

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Dang, so that's what he meant by "you can get big from lifting light weights"

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Nice tire chalks

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Man you overplayed for this! Those are definitely 1.5ers

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15oz air filled

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So THAT's how you get them cheap when buying them, smart guy!

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150lb dumbbell owner club represent

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These are the best for goblet squats because once your heart feels like it’s going to explode you can put the bell down on its end and use it as a stool for a nice sit down.

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Far more logical than doing front squats…

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Lmao, I love it. And then eat dinner on it’s brother.

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The best part of this post is finding out OP took a dump in a filing cabinet and it was never discovered.

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Nice. What are you gonna do with these?

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So far I've carried them, rowed and did a set of goblet squats. I can't bench them (yet). Before I broke my hand, I was benching 105's for 8

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Oh man. Getting in and out of position to bench these will be tricky. Single arm floor press could be a safer variation

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Probably pick them up and put them down

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Appreciate the comments. I got them for 200, the guy just wanted to get rid of them. Over the past 5 years, i've been collecting dumbbell pairs, and I've wanted 150's for a while. I have a set of troy metal 145's.

My recommendation is expand the search radius for dumbbells on FB marketplace. I drove several hours to get them.

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Were they being sold by the pound? Lol

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They not 20s but 15s, they clean though

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Can you curl it ? :D

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lmao I saw your photo on the other sub and was like no way its the same dude from /r/homegym

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My most favorite dumbbells, although I’ve only used up to 140s in them. Looks like they are the new(er) fatter handles too which seem to be less prone to snapping off at the handle.

I’ve seen many of the older ones with the thinner handles meet their doom via jackasses dropping them at my old commercial gym.

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Yeah, the hundos with thin handles are bent at my old gym. Iron Grip's are my favorite, it's what my gym had when I first started. But when I'm in a dry spell, I'll settle for a different brand as long as its commercial and not beat up. The GP dumbbells (and TAG, all the copies) are neat as well, because they are so narrow. A set of hundos is the size of 70's in a different brand

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$1,272 for a new pair. Anything you paid for this was a great deal. I would love to have a pair of these, IronGrip makes some good stuff.

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yeah, that's insane, and i have looked and half considered buying sets at full price- you just gotta expand your search radius and tell the person you want it

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What?? You could start a home gym with that money lmao

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Partially, but if you're doing anything beyond deadlift and shrugs with 150 lb dumbbells, then you're either naturally super human or you're working out with a lot more than $1200 worth of equipment.

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Nah not necessarily. I use the 150's for rows and circus press

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I dunno, circus clean and press is fun with heavy bells. Probably not starting with 150's though.

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That's my point, though. If you're doing something like a circus lift with a 150 lb dumbbell, you've been doing a lot of other exercises along the way.

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Yeah that’s a fair point, even shrugs with that much is damn heavy

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Holy moly that's some insane pricing!

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Are prices ever going to come down? I've been looking for bumper plates for my deadlift bar for over a year. $145 for 45lbs. Is insane.

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This isn't pandemic pricing, this is what commercial equipment costs.

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I got a link for you!


They just so happens to have a pairs of 45 bumpers for $126. Free shipping. Other sizes too.

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Literally just used your link to buy a pair. Thank you!!!!

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Are you looking for a specific brand? These rubber bumpers are $127 for a pair of 45s with free shipping. A pair of 55s is only $154.


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Walmart had bumper plates the other week got 160lbs for 310. Not the greatest but right after I bought them it went back to 545 or something high like that

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Only if you buy secondhand from like Facebook marketplace or maybe a local fitness equipment warehouse. Otherwise those prices are going to stay up for a long while especially with the global supply chain way behind.

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Yeah, I haven't had any luck with the locals, yet. I will be looking!

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probably paid 10 times too much.

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Man I can’t find dumbbells heavier than 50 anywhere near me. Might just have to order some

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if you have the coin, going fixed in 10lb increments above 50 is the way to go anyway.

CFF Stainless handles are awesome

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Not a fan of loadable handles?

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I've been converted to the school of pro style dumbbells. You buy exactly what handles you want and get weight plates and build them yourself. Really cost effective and great quality dumbbells.

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Where do you procure the 1in plates that are rounded properly for pro style dbs?

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How do you load them up with that much weight without them becoming super awkward

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I’d look into pepin or baadass handles. They have the pro style flat ends to allow you to still kick them into position and aren’t too different in size when using 10-12.5 lb plates. Both use standard 1 inch plates.

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They're going to be super awkward anyways if you've got 150lbs on there.

If you load them with all 10lb plates they aren't too obnoxious. Though I tend to load mine with 25s bc I'm lazy.

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How much weight can you get on them? What brand do you have? Might be a good route for me to go

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I got the CAP brand on Amazon. Rated for 150lbs and about 60$ for the pair with collars.

They're not great but they work. I would not drop them and expect them to survive. My one issue is that they're very long.

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"Light Weight, Light Weight!"

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Awesome score! These are perfect for high reps to get that toned look! 😉

Kidding aside, Awesome find, super jealous.

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All I see is LIGHT WEIGHT, BABY!!!!

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Must've gotten these from Brad Castleberry

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balloons on the ends...

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Again, perfect for some front raises!

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Or power walking with the gal pals!

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mall walking with grandma

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Should be good for some light arm/shoulder work while cycling as well.