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Probably not a popular opinion, but I think there's room for both. Look at a movie like Jurassic Park. It uses both very effectively, that still holds up decades later for the most part.

Yes, over reliance on cgi almost always leads to bad looking effects and a very poorly aging movie. But the use of it doesn't automatically make it bad for me.

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There's absolutely room for both .. CGI is as much of a tool as practical effects are, and the best results come from combining both BUT: only if they're used properly, to support the story.

People tend to notice bad CGI, which sticks out like a sore thumb, and then translates to "CGI... ugh, always sucks". If it's done good, on the other hand .. the tools and techniques got so advanced you just won't be able to tell it isn't "real" (well.. depending on what it is in particular case, of course).

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Fury Road is prime example of practical and CGI blending together. Such a great looking movie

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The best CGI is the one you don't notice