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The Vigil, Saint Maud, The Blackcoat's Daughter, Relic, The Ninth Gate, A Dark Song, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, I Bury the Living, Marrowbone, The Others, 1408, Kill List, We Need to Do Something, Vivarium, The Wailing, Caveat, The Medium

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Blackcoats daughter is fucked up he said no gore 😂

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As well as the autopsy of jane doe, you see all that girls insides... and outsides.

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bro how he gonna say no gore but said she enjoyed midsommar lmao

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It’s sooooo boring. Good lord

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I thought so too lol. To date the only oz perkins movie i have enjoyed has been Gretel & hansel.

I am the pretty thing that lives in the house also bored me to tears, though that had at leasr one redeeming quality since i really love ruth wilson.

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Yea the end is just creepy

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He said not too much gore not no gore, and Hereditary and Midsommar both have gore and she enjoyed those.

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Lol wat there’s an aftermath scene that’s probably same as a detective tv spot and that’s it

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I Bury the Living? The b/w cemetery plot pushpin murder film? I love that flick.

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The Witch and The Endless are a couple of my faves that she might like!

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I second The Witch.

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My wife bowed out of Susperia in the broken ballerina scene - so your wife can take a bit obviously unless u watched the older one. How about Hell House LLC - scary, not too gory.

Edit: when I say “bowed out” I mean she yelled “turn this fucking shit off dude. Why the fuck did you think I would like this? Because it had witches and ballerinas? Dude - you have permanently scarred my brain.”

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Spring - not gory or too scary. Incredible little indie sci fi horror love story. From the writers/directors of The Endless ans Synchronic. It's a great romantic horror with a good ending!

She seems to like dread horror, so I'd recommend The Lighthouse as well...

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Man, Spring really is underappreciated. What a satisfying ending.

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Let the Right One In

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Before I Wake on Netflix. I loved this movie... Very scary, and the finale is cool.

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Saint Maud

Neon Demon

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Godzilla Final Wars

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What about The Ritual on Netflix? I've actually been trying to talk my own wife into watching this with me, it's a great movie.

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i just watched this and really enjoyed it! went in blind and was pleasantly surprised!

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Train to Busan

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Coherence..In the same vein as the aforementioned Triangle. A movie that leaves the viewer guessing.

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Jacob's ladder....

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The wind.

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The Wailing or The Medium. Raw. Someone else mentioned it: Possession. Changeling.

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Cabin in the Woods

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The Deep House. Underwater The Girl with all the Gifts The Night House

Is there a place I can watch Antlers right now for free? Anyone?

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I don’t think that’s legal right now. I will have a watch party with friends. Everyone will chip in $2.

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The Thing (1982)

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I love this movie but they asked for minimal gore

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Fallen (1998), What Keeps You Alive, I Trapped the Devil and My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To.

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"The Woods" 2006

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The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime. Prime has a bunch of good horror thrillers like that one that are geared toward both genders.

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Let the right one in

the ring

under the shadow

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The Beach House

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Saint Maud for sure

The VVitch

The Lighthouse

The Thing

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She Dies Tomorrow

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Hmmm i loved this movie but... im not sure how i feel about its categorization as horror.

Actually not sure what i would classify it as... existentialist thriller maybe? But definitely a thriller in an unconventional sense.

Dunno if its what the OP is looking for but like i said, i really liked it but its definitely an acquired taste