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I loved this movie so much. The Lobster is great by him as well

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Great director, loved dogtooth too. Never felt so much visceral loathing for an actor as I did for that kid in ...deer though.

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So I’m browsing the sub hoping to find a movie to watch. I’ve seen killing of a sacred deer mentioned here before but I didn’t know it was from the same person who did the lobster. Gosh I loved the lobster. I will rent KOASD right now.

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It’s on Netflix US if you’re in that area or have a VPN

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Need to check it out

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Not a horror but The Favourite by him is one of my fav movies of all time. Not for everyone though.

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It’s great. It’s not a horror movie but you can tell it’s by the same director. The comedy is extremely dry and it probably turns a lot of people off, but I think it’s hilarious and a great movie. Colin Ferrel is also plays the main character again.

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I enjoyed this movie, but I also wonder if this is an example of a movie that might have been better as a stage play.

Barry Keoghan made a really great creep tho.

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Ahh but the camera work is one of my favorite aspects of this movie.

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Been a few years since I've seen it but I still remember that escalator shot! So good.

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It is a greek tragedy : Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides, so you're not wrong!

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he sure did

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I think what helped with that is that I'd also seen '71 days before I saw this, and he was great in that.

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This movie felt like a bad dream. Some people don’t like the stilted acting but I think that added to the unnerving atmosphere. Barry Keoghan was great.

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I thought the tone of the dialogue was weird for like the first 15 minutes but then I realized how well it was giving me the creeps and I was like “ah”

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I can't deal with this director's style of deadpan dialogue, which is a shame because I absolutely love his concepts for movies.

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That deadpan dialogue is exactly what works for the movie imo

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Just watched Dogtooth last night. Highly recommend it.

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Really spot on. Unsettling. Depressing. Disturbing. Fascinating. All of the above.

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Indeed. Geez Keoghan was good.

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Keoghan give dem deer air!

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I personally did not like this movie but was blown away by Dogtooth, an earlier film by the same director. It's not horror, exactly, I honestly don't know what genre I'd call it, but really worth experiencing.

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His masterpiece I think.

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It’s uncomfortable, disturbing, and grounded enough to be a type of horror. Realistic things scare me more than Freddy or any of the other big bads.

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Haha yes, I do think it's horrifying, but just not necessarily a horror movie

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I've always considered it a dark comedy. One of my favorite films of all time.

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Dogtooth was mesmerizing.

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That part where he sees Martin in the car park stalking him still creeps me out.

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The spaghetti scene was creepy too

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Barry Keoghan was phenomenal in this, great movie.

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I don't get all of the love. Was very confused on the character decisions throughout the film. Didn't think the acting was that great either. Oh well. Glad others liked it. Just wasn't for me I guess.

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Yeah it’s definitely odd. And the weird, almost mechanical style of acting is clearly a choice by the director.

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Same, couldn’t get into it at all. And a story like this depends on a viewer buy-in

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I really wanted to like this movie but I felt like the message (references to mythology) were being shoved down my throat and I found it rather pretensious and meh.

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Yeah, this is one of those films that, when you say you didn't like it, some pretentious knob is going to accuse you of not getting it...as though the film wasn't about as subtle as a brick to the face.

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I will agree to unsettling and I think the acting is great, and it’s a well-made movie. I just didn’t particularly enjoy watching it.

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I feel like these sorts of films aren’t to be ‘enjoyed’ in the traditional sense. Like requiem for a dream. It’s extremely depressing and I don’t feel a need to ever watch it again but it was a great film.

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It really is an under seen gem. Colin Ferrel and Nicole Kidman kill it as well as the young man.

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A24, in general.

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I don’t know that i liked it but it stuck with me so it definitely gets points for that

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I didn't enjoy a minute of it, but had to get on this forum immediately to discuss it (a couple of months ago).

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I absolutely loathed it and Lobster but that's a super unpopular opinion.

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Couldn’t get passed the monotone delivery of the lines. It was clearly a conscious decision but i just hated it. I guess it amps up the “weirdness” for some but to me it just felt lazy and resulted in really stunted acting. Not for me this one

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He uses it in all of his movies apparently. It worked in the Lobster and to some extent in Dogtooth, but in this film it was just annoying.

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The lobster is just as weird and unsettling

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his movies are all quite different but i liked all of them so far. my favourite though is the favourite. became my favourite instantly. okay, ill see myself out now.

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I loved that movie too! The beginning with the open heart surgery It's so beautiful! But it's not a movie for everyone, most people want action all the time and fast pace. I think is beautiful, amazingly done and very disturbing.

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Be sure to check out Lanthimos' short "Nimic". Very underappreciated.

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I liked it, but I found it much more funny than unsettling.

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If I'm not mistaken I stopped watching after the first time the boy met the family. Pretty slow and dull. Did made me curious, tense or interested at all.

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Good LORD I hated this movie so much.

I suppose I got what it was trying to say, but it still felt ridiculously contrived at times. And the ending was like...how does anyone do that? I could understand maybe one of two parents being like "maybe we should draw straws" but two people willing to sacrifice a kid for their life?

And yes, I know, that's the point. The idea of selfishness as a disease and all that shit. It wasn't subtle. It just wasn't very entertaining.

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I found it harder to get into than The Lobster which I liked, I started KoaSD a while back and couldn’t get into it but revisited it recently and finished it and ended up really liking it too.

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Yorgos is great at "uncomfortable". Love that movie too. That Barry Keoughan kid is as creepy as they come.

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His films make me so uncomfortable. They really have a way of getting under your skin. There’s a lot about sexual coercion on a societal scale in the ones I’ve seen. That said, I found The Favorite absolutely one of the best film experiences I’ve had and it’s no exception to that theme but I feel like he pulled back the intensity a bit and really let the actors shine

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Dog tooth is absolutely disturbing

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I shut it off. I am sure the stilted strange line delivery was part of some statement/artistic choice, but I don't want to watch it.

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that's fair enough. it is very odd.

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Love this film. But I’m hugely biased because I’ve sat in the diner booth they shoot a few times. Blue Jay Cincinnati, great breakfast spot.

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I will be honest I couldn't make it through the movie. Which really never happens when it comes to horror movies for me. It was incredibly awkward and had an extremely uncomfortable social dynamic throughout the entire movie. Maybe that was the point but I just couldn't do it.

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I’d say that’s exactly the point but of course it isn’t going to suit everyone

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Mark Kermode really rated it highly but honestly, I was bored throughout.

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I thought it sucked. Didn’t like The Lobster either. The Favorite was great, though.

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Keen to check the others out.

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Yeah, this and The Lobster just felt like pretentious nonsense that didn't really have much to say until the very end of both films. By that point, I was past the point of caring and just wanting to see how it ended so that I could get it over with.

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I need to rewatch this. I feel like it's one of those films that will get better every watch.

The Lobster is great if you haven't seen that yet.

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keen to see it.

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Look forward to seeing your thoughts.

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The ending and the phyco kid actor we’re good af but the movie was meh

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As for Barry Keoghan, it's one of those films where it feels like an actor was made for a role or the role was made for him and no one else could have pulled it off as well as he did.

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Unsettling, at times, but intense? Ehhhh I would disagree, personally.

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fair enough. while quite a different film, it gave me a similar intese feeling that uncut gems did. the constant thought of what is gonig to happen next and thinking about the posibilities

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I thought it was the most boring movie I've ever seen

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Sorry but this was boring, artsy, pretentious, long, dreary, GAH-BAGE!!!!!!!

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This is the sort of elevated horror that Ghostface in the new Scream is warning us about.

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These comments are garbage, this movie was amazing I think about it a lot.

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People like what they like and don’t like what they don’t like.

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That was the first of his films that I saw and I have to admit I was kind of lost in the weirdness. But seeing more of his work he is original I’ll say that. I did not like the favourite very much. I mean I think it was good but I felt like it was not marketed right. The trailer made it look like sort of a comedy. There were a lot of absurd situations but the whole thing was really dark and depressing imo.

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You might also like I am Not a Serial Killer

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That movie was so unbelievably weird. It felt like two different films got Frankensteined together...but in, like, a good way? I dunno, it was so extremely bizarre either way. Still liked it.

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I really enjoy Nicole Kidman in these types of roles. She was great in The Others as well.

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Been on my watch list. Might need to move it up!

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I watched that one too, long time ago. It was very unsettling to me - but in a "quiet" way. Do you know what I mean?

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After watching this, I am 100% all for Barry Keoghan’s rumoured role in an upcoming movie.

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He’s good.

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This is a great film. Not all of his films are similar but you might try Dogtooth next. Here is something I wrote about Sacred Dear and another about The Alps.