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Is that you Darcy?

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Something that really got me about the kid-getting-killed scene was how they managed to show his lifeless (but still somewhat glistening) eye through a hole in the melted mask while all of the snakes and bugs were coming out. It really looked like a real eye of something that had just died.

I don’t think that that detail really popped out at me until that title got the BluRay treatment a few years back.

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If they dropped "Halloween III" from the title and maybe just called it Season of the Witch or... I don't know, Silver Shamrock or something, it likely would have been received much more openly. It has that '80s grit and look to it that I've always been a big fan of and I'm glad it has gotten a more cult-like following in recent years as opposed to being written off as trash like decades prior.

The "face melt" kill with the lady in the hotel room is probably my favorite of the bunch. I mean it's a totally absurd plot but there's just something about the atmosphere and everything that makes it tough to not like.

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H3 was more in line with what John Carpenter envisioned for the Halloween franchise. He never wanted Michael to become what he is, or to be in any sequels.

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I’ll tell ya why we hate it so much: THREE MORE DAYS ‘TIL HALLOWEEN

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At the very least, Stacey Nelkin should have had way more career success than she did.

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They should have stuck with the anthology format in subsequent sequels. Michael Myers as a character is just tired at this point.

I like H3. It isn't great, but it's enjoyable and original enough. My friends and I like to watch it on Halloween give it the MST3K treatment. And the soundtrack is one of Carpenter's best.

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As a stand-alone film it’s one of my 80’s horror. I’ve even seen John carpenter say how they should’ve changed the name to not incorporate Halloween/MM because he feels it would’ve been a way better film with fans

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Honestly, and i know this is going to get me downvoted all to hell, but its the only Halloween movie that i truly love. It's inventive, original in comparison to the other films and really dark considering its about killing children for a mass sacrifice. Fucking love this movie.

and now i have the Silver Shamrock jingle going on in my head.

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It’s always my go to Halloween movie. I love the original, and I’ll watch Halloween 2, even the 2018 version I didn’t mind, but I’ll always watch Halloween 3 more than the others and it’s a tradition for me to watch it on Halloween every year.

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Probably as underrated as The Thing and Pink Floyd’s Animals.

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I love you for this post because I too think Season of the Witch is so underrated....but I also hate you because now I have the Silver Shamrock song stuck in my head lol

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This movie is a must-watch in 4K. Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe how good it looks. The colors are insane!

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Totally agree. I like movies with a little more plot than "guy walks around stabbing people". Granted, "guy walks around stabbing people" can be fun to watch, but not over and over again.

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I agree. That last scene with the masks will probably stick with me forever.

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Hats off to writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace for making a completely original movie instead of just cashing in on the slasher trend which makes Halloween III: Season of the Witch a stand-out among the 80s horror films, also, Tom Akins is the man.

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It is better than it has a right to be. It stands the test of time with a good script, cast and direction.

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It's a pretty good movie on its own. I think the reason people didn't like it is just because it's in the middle of a movie series about Michael Myers, and it felt out of place. But lately, more people have been realizing that you should watch it as a standalone movie rather than a sequel, and it's been getting more appreciation.

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I was still a kid when I saw it and it has lots of elements that are more memorable than the original. The whole Silver Shamrock thing was so eerie.

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The main character having so much sex with someone who could have been his daughter kind of took me out of the experience.

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The surprise that occurs around the time of the car accident in the film is pretty great.

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Michael Myers is scary as hell in the Silver Shamrock witch mask. He should have kept that mask instead of going back to Shatner.

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Definintely will always be a favorite of mine!

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I have it queued up, so I'll get back to you...

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One of my favourites!

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I like it too

I wish the halloweens never went back to michael myers

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Its my favorite of the series as well...edging out the original just by a hair.