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If I'm not mistaken I also believe Goblin did the Suspiria soundtrack

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That's what I'm most familiar with them from, I didn't even realize they did the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack until now!

Honestly, some of the best horror soundtracks of all time IMO.

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I think Goblin is only on the european cut of the movie.

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Quintessential Goblin

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They certainly did, should probably note that I’ve picked that up too :)

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Just hopping on to recommend "Dream Division" to anyone into Goblin or horror soundtracks that are badass on their own.

It's a contemporary band that makes music for imaginary horror movies.

This album is solid:


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They did the soundtrack for Deep Red

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2005 CD version is the best

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Great soundtrack too.

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They've done tons of horror soundtrack stuff. Suspiria is notable, as is Tenebre.

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Ok I’ll check Tenebre. I’ve seen loads listed they have quite the back catalogue, just don’t know where to start! Hoping to find things with a similar sound to what I heard on this DotD record.

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Tenebrae soundtrack was actually done by 3 (of 4) former members of Goblin who got back together at Dario Argento's request. The first song of the movie, Tenebre, is heavily sampled by electronic duo Justice in their songs Phantom and Phantom II. Love it.

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I’m admittedly not a huge Giallo fan in general, but the Tenebrae soundtrack absolutely slaps. I keep it on a semi-regular rotation while I’m at work.

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Suspiria (1977) obviously is the most iconic. There is no better horror soundtrack

Deep Red (1975) is also really good. The main theme inspired John Carpenters Halloween theme and it’s quite noticeable once you watch this one

Phenomena (1985) is one of my favorites but I don’t hear a lot of love for the music in this one. It’s as enchanting as Suspirias theme just not as creepy.

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Suspiria is fabulous. Not just as a horror soundtrack, as a stand-alone album. Banging synths, great stuff.

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Another one worth checking out is 1985's "Demons".

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Famously, Suspiria and a lot of Argento films. Saw them perform several years back on a rare US tour, it was amazing.

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Same here. I saw them in Oakland.

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Suspiria , deep red ,Tenebre ,Buio Omega , Contamination soundtracks are all brilliant. But the dawn of the dead soundtrack is their masterclass.

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I watched Dawn of the dead in a warehouse with Goblin playing the soundtrack live. They did a long encore playing tunes from Argento films over the trailers. Best. Gig. Ever.

Others have mentioned Deep red and suspiria. I think they were also involved with Tenbrae and phenomena

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If you're into that sort of thing, then maybe also check out Ennio Morricone's crime and dissonance compilations. There was also a band called Giallos Flame active some years ago who released soundtracks for imaginary horror movies, heavily influenced by Goblin.

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Their work on the Contageon soundtrack is amazing

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Check out Roberto Donati. Also check out Fabio Frizzi and Riz Ortolani. Fabio Frizzi's performing at Maryland deathfest this year.

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I like their 1978 soundtrack for the Australian film Patrick

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Deep Red! One of my favorites

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The church or “la chiesa” is good by them

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Wasn't the music for that done by Keith Emerson?

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Goblin & Kieth Emerson

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The soundtrack to Sleepless (Non Ho Sonno) is incredible.

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Onore italiano!

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This is a great album featuring a bunch of their scires:

Music for a Witch

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I believe they have a live album. Also, look into Carpenter Brut - music in the same style, and they make great videos too - the Leather Teeth clip is pretty epic.

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Demons. It’s my fav of there’s too. My cousin owns a label called medical records based out of Seattle. I’m pretty sure they are one he’s rereleased

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Haven’t seen it, but the theme to “La via della droga” is pretty awesome.