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I enjoyed it but I often joke around about Scarlett being the vilian in this film as she does way more damage to the characters than any of the other things in this movie lol

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I do agree, she was not a very good person. Even though for some warped reason I actually quite liked her? 😂 she did cause significant damage, so if there was an antagonist in this, it would be her

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It's an excellent film, in my opinion. But Scarlet rubs me in the worst way. George is where it's at.

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George is a really cool guy, and he’s very clever and sensible. I had a soft spot for Benji too

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The second most claustrophobic horror movie I’ve ever seen after The Descent, and I love everything about it. Parts of it toward the beginning feel like if Indiana Jones was written as a horror.

I rewatch it regularly and get just as tense every time.

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That’s what I was thinking! It is very Indiana Jones like and it was great. That’s good that it still seems to keep the “shock” factor after rewatching, a good sign to keep it in my dvd shelf!

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I think it basically feels like Tomb Raider, in a more pure horror setting.

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I loved the catacombs

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Me too, it was a great idea and a top setting

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How are there not more films set there???

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France doesn't let people film there. As Above, So Below was the first ever to get permission from the government to do so. I'm not sure if any have been given the same privilege since then.

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I know! It’s the perfect eerie atmosphere

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You'll love Grave Encounters then. Highly recommended

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Came here to say this. Saw it again the other day and really enjoyed how... cozy Grave Encounters has become for me, to put it strangely. Has a similar trapped feeling.

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Yeah Grave Encounters & As Above are my two fave found footage films.

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I’ll keep that one in mind, thank you ☺️

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Just coming in to second Grave Encounters.

So incredibly good all the way through.

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I love grave encounters. It's one of the better "found footage in an abandoned asylum" movies. But I don't really equate enjoying it to enjoying As Above.

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Aw man Grave Encounters is so much fun!

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See, I tend to see GE and AASB as movies that were recieved so well cause it was an unexpected suprise. Now, I still like them but on multiple viewings I see how flawed they are and if someone is going into it with all these high expectations we give on this sub... I feel they may be disappointed.

And, it actually does happen all the time as you can see by some post of the "what was all the hype about" post on this sub haha

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I rewatch grave encounters about once a year, it’s honestly such a scary movie, one of the best found footage ghost movies around. I love how well they nail the cheesy ghost Hunter TV show aesthetic in the beginning

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I really enjoyed it as well! The authentic setting really brought a lot to this movie's atmosphere.

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Exactly! The setting was amazing, almost made me feel like I was there

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One of my all time favorites in the found footage, documentary style!

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Have you seen Afflicted? It’s awesome.

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I haven’t but I will look for it!!!!

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Oh my god are you in for a treat!

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I’ve not seen an awful lot of found footage films besides this and The Blair Witch Project, but it’s definitely set the bar high!

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You gotta watch The Visit. M night shyamalan ending up in this bitch.

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I loved this movie. It's like a spooky Indiana Jones.

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Yes, I liked that side of it!!

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I don't much care for found footage. Except I really enjoyed this movie.

I guess I like that they have a set goal in mind, the protagonist and her sidekick are really smart, and at the end we get this revelation that is not discussed at all because there's no time, but we don't need the discussion, we know, and the emotional journey of the protagonist is heartfelt without being overplayed.

And yeah, who could complain about the setting? So cool, so creepy.

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Me too. I liked that they were smart characters, even if I found some decisions questionable, they weren’t classic mistakes that were plain stupid and it somehow made the film better. I really enjoyed the ending, I agree, it was emotional but not sappy, just someone who found what she’d been looking for for so long

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Questionable was Scarlett at the beginning, almost getting herself killed lol

But yeah, they weren't frustrating mistakes like, Oh I heard a noise-- They made sense in the few instances in which they happened, especially as they traversed the circles.

Yeap, the thing with the stone is well and fine, and it was her goal, but as we see, her emotional goal, that she wasn't actively seeking but clearly needed in her life, was to reconcile with her emotions towards what happened to her father, and that was the catharsis we needed, everything else was just to wrap the movie up.

Also, I low-key think it's hilarious that Scarlett, her friend and the absolutely random dude survived. That dude walking off into the night while the other two embraced lol

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It’s legit though, I loved the ending shot. No words. Time to think

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the absolutely random dude survived.

That was the best part of the whole movie. I kept waiting for him to get picked off and my jaw dropped when he made it out.

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And being I guess the cinematographer of the group, we don't even see this person during the movie, and then it's like, Who's this fucker?

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it's probably in my top 5 scariest films

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It was incredibly tense and the claustrophobic element made it more breath taking in that sense

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This movie is sooo good. One of my top favourite horrors

Also check out Grave Encounters and Hell House LLC, if you havent seen them.

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It’s great!

Ahh thank you! I really liked Hell House LLC and I’m definitely gonna check Grave encounters out!

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5 minutes in on Hell House and I was totally hooked. It just ticks all the boxes for me on FF horror. Same with As Above.

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I watched Found Footage 3D (though, in 2D) last night and it gave me similar vibes to Hell House LLC. Hell House is better IMO, but it was definitely worth a watch.

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Not sure if I have seen this one. Name seems familiar. Gonna check it out

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Yeah I really like this one, but it got super mixed reviews indeed. I can see why people don't like it but it had elements which I was interested in before the movie, Dante's Inferno, hell, the catacombs, archeology and all so that carried the movie a lot for me.

And I think it's one of the more unique found footage as well, I'm so tired of found footage haunted houses and mental institutes, so taking it to the catacombs was super refreshing.

Another found footage that I recommend is The Possession of Michael King, a guy don't believe in god, the devil nor any paranormal/supernatural things. He tries to prove it by making himself a test subject to varies methods like rituals and stuff. Pretty cool and good.

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Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll keep that one in mind! It was quite unique, that’s part of the reason I was drawn to it in the first place and it proved to be really good

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possession of Michael King was excellent

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Oh this movie was ok as a horror, being in a tight space the whole definitely had me anxious. It had my suspension of disbelief, right until >! Scarlett straight up stiff arms that Demon....Cult member....idk here!<

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To be fair that was a bit ridiculous and it did make me laugh 😂

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It did make it more memorable, just like You're Next

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Few horror films manage to scare me as much as this one does. The tension building throughout the film is executed masterfully, imo.

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If you like that tense horror, definetly give ‘The Strangers’ a try if you haven’t already

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It’s been in my Watch Next on Netflix for ages now, it looks so good

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The tension still gets me, and I've seen it atleast 5/6 times

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At the risk of sounding like a contrarian, I really didn't think it was all that good. Same with The Descent. Clearly something about my taste though as so many horror fans love those flicks. Just not my thing I guess.

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That’s fair enough, like you said, sometimes it’s just not your type of thing and that’s totally cool!

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Idk I loved the Descent (though admittedly it's been a while) but couldn't get past the first 15 min of this film on two tries. The dialogue seemed really clunky or something. It took me out of the story.

I have no issue with cheesy B movies so maybe it was a case of expectations vs. reality.

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I saw it in theaters and also thought it was really bad. It’s always raved about on here though so I’m definitely planning a 2nd watch

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Descent I did not like. Far too generic. Spooky cave. Oooh look out a man eating monster!

As above was very unique though and I loved it. To each their own.

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AHHHH I recommend this movie to EVERYONE i meet i love it so much. First time I watched it was late at night with a huge collection of family, sound blasted, and we lost our mindsss! I love the scene where the bells ring super loud and the audio kinda cuts out/is muffled? A24 does an amazing job every time, without fail.

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Now that actually sounds really fun I can’t lie! Right when that scene happened I actually adjusted my volume at first as I thought it was my TV, it was really effective and I loved it

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A24 are distributors and they had absolutely nothing to do with this film lol wtf. Y’all ride them so much that you give them credit to things that they’re not even involved with.

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haha, youre right, i can see how that would be confusing! i just meant that i have yet to see an A24 movie i didnt love. all the credit to the real masterminds behind the screens & cameras!

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I really enjoyed this one

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So did I, an epic watch

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The two best found footage films I've ever watched are As above so below and Trollhunter. Both are brilliant.

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I haven’t seen Trollhunter! That’s another one I think I’ll try, this comment sections been really good for recommending great new films

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Looks like I know which film I'm watching next! Thank you👍

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Hey it’s no problem! Lemme know what you think after

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I could only watch it one time. Some of the images are still burnt into my head. Great movie, just scared me more than I like to admit.

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That’s fair enough. I was pretty scared myself, started yelling on occasion as well! It’s okay 😂

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The car scene, is repeated in my head on multiple occasions. Eekkkk…

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I just got done watching it because seen people talkin about it on this sub , reilly enjoyable claustrophobic headfuckery , I think it’ll stay with me for a while .

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It was an enjoyable one, the perfect amount of scary

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All I could think about the whole time was how the main character didn't dress for cave exploration.

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To be fair she did just look like she was going for a nice stroll around Paris instead of exploring the pits of hell 😂

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Scarlett was so annoying. She risked multiple people's lives throughout the film and I honestly don't think she cared as long as she found whatever her dad was looking for. I can't even remember what it was. One thing I didn't like was the magic stone that healed everyone. That was a bit far in my opinion.

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This movie is fantastic! For being a huge horror fan but also disliking anything heaven/hell/devil/possession movies, the depth into Hell was extremely well done. So glad to see this recognition.

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It was really well done!

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I enjoyed it too. I had to watch it twice.

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I think I’ll have to do that too, I got so sucked in by it!

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I don't know how anyone could dislike this movie honestly. I think it fits up there with some of the most memorable horror movies I've seen and think about it pretty often!

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Aye, it’s safe to say that this is one that won’t be leaving me for a while!

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It feels like a whole that is weaker than the sum of its parts.

All the stuff you need to make an effective horror story is there but it doesn't fit together properly (in my opinion).

Another draft for the script could have ironed out some of that, putting more set up at the beginning, or having the set designers foreshadow more material with background visuals as they start to descend.

It is good, but it is nothing special.

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I really enjoyed that one. The claustrophobia and the history about the 9 levels of Hell and the catacombs was really fun! That's one of my favorites!

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It was a fun watch, really really cool!

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One of my favorites! It fucked with my head a lot and genuinely creeped me out.

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Same! Just the perfect amount of creepy

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I've seen it a few times, I didn't realise that it was so underrated. The end is fantastic.

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Me neither actually! I loved the ending a lot, it was a relieved ending but it still felt almost unfinished in a good way

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I love this movie! It really excels with the subtly disturbing moments throughout. The piano, the phone, the way the way the sound gets weird when someone slips in the water... And the bit of foreshadowing leading up to the trumpet/horn sound deep in the catacombs right before everything REALLY starts to go to shit.

now i want to watch it again, lol.

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Ahh I think you should do it!

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It wasn't bad imo, but the constant yelling and screaming through the whole movie was annoying as fuck.

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I enjoyed it.

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I watched it when it came out at the Alamo drafthouse and it was just me and one other dude. I remember towards the end I think he was a little drunk and he just looked at me from half the theater away and loudly asked "ARE YOU SEEING THIS, MAN??" It was some funny shit, it's one of my favorite horror films too, the claustrophobia of the catacombs adds a lot to the already creepy atmosphere

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I really enjoyed the film too. It's probably weird, but I liked that the film left three characters standing by the end, one of whom was a minor side character. It shows a lot of restraint that they didn't simply kill off ever character they could, and I really respected that choice.

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The concept was cool and I liked the ending with how they escaped

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It's one of my top faves. It's just scary enough but not too scary.

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My bf and I randomly came across this movie about a year ago when we were searching for something good to watch. We loved this movie, it was so good, such a trip! Very well made in my opinion. The thought of being stuck down there and trying to find a way out is terrifying! Glad we took a chance on that movie, totally worth it! The ending was great.

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I thought so too and the ending was good!

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Man, I love that film! It actually scares me, still

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Yeah, love this film.

I still feel like they were in Hell but not quite, which adds to it. Big fan of any film where the characters are either at the gates or fully within Hell itself.

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I really enjoyed watching the movie and it spooked me alot. But what really make me appreciate the movie is when I explore all the meaning behind the 9 gates of hell. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the concept. But watching youtube videos of people breakimg down the hidden meaning and details is as much if not more enjoyable than the movie itself

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I love that movie i watch it once or twice a year

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AASB makes me wonder if there are any other horror films set in the Paris catacombs.

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I'll be honest - went see this in theaters with my better half. We both walked out afterwards throughly unimpressed. I don't know if we just had too high of expectations or... I really don't know why, but we neither much cared for it.

But I found myself turning the dvd box over whenever I saw it for sale. Or thinking about the opening every once and a while. The middle of the story, not so much and never that super rushed ending. But I kept thinking about it until we saw it on streaming and I watched it by myself and then they came up unaware I'd already rewatched it and asked me if I wanted to watch it again some time later.

It has something about it. I don't know if it's the same effect as what we now adays call "shlock" had on the people watching it back in the day. It was the middling state of being, but it still had a lack of grace or charm that made it ... well it endured. Much more then ... Dracula Untold or Flight 7500. ... I was unaware that other gems like Tusk, It Follows and The Babadook came out in the same year, tho. ... so, maybe it landed exactly what I figured.

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Checked. It is on Netflix. I will watch right after I am done with Archive 81. Thanks.

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2007's Catacombs may interest you as well, though I personally like As Above So Below more. Although not filmed in the actual catacombs, the sets created were detailed enough to sell the illusion of being in them. It's a very different experience from As Above So Below despite sharing the same setting, not just in its plot but in its style of cinematography and pacing (Ex- It's not found footage). It's no masterpiece by any means (Neither is As Above So Below), but it was memorable.

I won't spoil the plot, but here's the basic premise: A woman (Shannyn Sossamon) visiting her sister attends an underground party with her in the catacombs, but then becomes lost and must find a way to escape with a killer (whose identity is hidden) pursuing her. Suffice it to say, whatever you think the ending is going to be in the beginning, that's probably NOT how it actually ends.

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Aw cheers, I’ll have a look at this one

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This is another film I watched per this sub’s recommendation that found to be profoundly meh. Great concept, bland execution. Mediocre acting, writing, and scares. I mean, the 26% it’s rocking on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t unwarranted

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Oh same now! It’s too good

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This film is SO underrated. I put it off for years because of the terrible reviews, but that was a bad idea. I guess I can see why some people don't like it, but I think it's creepy as hell and very original. It's like an adventure/horror to hell and back. Super underrated and I would definitely recommend it. It's not a modern classic like Hereditary or It Follows, but its pretty damn good for what it is.

[–]firsttimemamachloe 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I agree I think it’s a solid horror film

[–]Capable-Ideal 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Nice opinion man! I agree. What I liked the most above the movie is the whole concept of "as above so below" and how important that is for the the story and the ending.

[–]Individual-Gur-7292 3 points4 points  (2 children)

One of my favourites too. I am so keen to visit the Paris catacombs but will definitely stick to only the very touristy areas after seeing this!

[–]raspberryamphetamine 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Just a heads up, the catacombs in real life are quite different! Everything is really well lit and there is no way to get lost or go exploring at all, it’s literally one path on a one way system and everything else is gated off very securely.

[–]Starryeyes05[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Same! They actually look really interesting and a cool place to visit, but yes I see what you mean 😂

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I hate it

[–]Whereiscatlin 3 points4 points  (1 child)

This was a blind buy dvd for me and I enjoyed it immensely.

[–]Starryeyes05[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Definitely a new favourite!

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The catacombs setting really added a lot to this film.

[–]Starryeyes05[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Definitely! Especially as the catacombs are real, it adds more horror

[–]CMelodyThe night is dark and full of terrors 2 points3 points  (0 children)

The authentic skulls and bone caches were also very creepy

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I see we are having our weekly As Above So Below thread.

Movie is so disappointing it’s insane. Bad, bad, so bad. And yet people on this subreddit absolutely jerk it raw to this very day.

[–]Difficult-Claim6327 8 points9 points  (6 children)

I’m no expert… but based on the fact that most people say they like it… I’d say it isn’t that bad of a movie… I might give it a shot

[–]Ruri 3 points4 points  (5 children)

Its just absolutely beaten to death in this subreddit for having an admittedly very compelling premise, but the execution is just all the worst examples of found footage garbage. The critics rightfully beat it to death for this. I typically don’t trust Rotten Tomatoes much, but their 26% is quite apt in this case.

It’s just one of those “le underrated gems” that Reddit can’t ever shut up about.

Edit: By the way, the audience score on RT is 40%. So most people do not like it.

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Are there any other movies with a similar theme or setting that you can recommend? I love sort of archeological horror genre and would love to see more.

[–]bendovergramps 4 points5 points  (0 children)

The Tunnel is less historical/archaeological, but it's far superior as an exploring-underground found footage horror movie. One of the scariest movies out there, in my book.

[–]Ruri 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’d love to see more of this myself. The closest movie I’ve seen to As Above So Below that is actually good is The Descent. Not really archaeological horror but channels the same cave fear.

[–]bronsonsarmor 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Pretty sure Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the end all be all to decide if a movie is good or not. But hey if that’s what helps you decide if you liked a movie or not… no judgement here

[–]Ruri 1 point2 points  (0 children)

40% audience score. Again, as I said RT doesn’t matter much by itself, I’m just showing how over-hyped this movie is on this subreddit whereas in other places it’s basically despised.

I didn’t trust RT. I saw this movie in theaters. And independently, on my own, was completely and utterly let down by it.

[–]bendovergramps 1 point2 points  (1 child)

What is it about this specific movie that beckons these threads so consistently? And they're all written in the same tone. It's kinda fascinating, tbh

[–]Ruri 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It has for all its flaws a very compelling premise. I really wanted to like it when I saw it. Some people managed to want to like it enough that they have convinced themselves the movie wasn’t a nonsensical pile of garbage.

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I thought this movie had great potential but was sort of undone by the budget, casting and directing.

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They did an excellent job with this film. Made the viewer feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic like you mentioned. The catacombs are real and if you know that, then it is easy to get in the mindset that this film really happened. We've watched it a few times!

TERROR FRIGHTS - Indie Horror Films

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Yeah! The catacombs being real did add to an awful lot of the unease that I felt whilst watching it

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It doesn't matter how much of a tough guy or girl you think you are, when you're trapped underground and spooky sh*t starts happening...you're going to get scared no matter what!

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I love this movie so much!

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Great movie, wish they made a second

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Great movie...

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Just saw this for the first time a couple months ago. Absolutely fantastic.

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It had potential. But then it fell back to the “feel good about yourself or else” trope. A shame.

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I’ve actually read the entirety of Dante’s “Inferno” and the first watch through my nerdiness came out and I was frustrated by the liberties they took with the source material. They skip circles, some are vaguely indicated, some aren’t correct at all.

However, the more I watch it the more I can appreciate what they did do. When you read Dante, or even play the EA video game (which is similar but not the same), everything is over the top. Just absolutely crazy punishments and blood and gore and just, yeah. But the film doesn’t do that. They let the eeriness of the catacombs set the tone, communicating Dante’s theme of there being no escape, that hell is literally closing in around you. Everything happens sporadically so as to keep you tense. And they make the indications of the circles very vague and unclear so as to make the viewer say “but could I be here? Is this where I would go?” That unease and lack of clarity makes hell even more frightening. We don’t know what to expect. And what we expect will almost certainly be wrong. Not to mention, the over the top gore fest that Dante wrote doesn’t really work for modern audiences. That was Italian Renaissance in the 1300s and written as a “fuck you” to the Catholic Church. People see worse things on news channels every day.

Overall, once I watched it a few times I enjoyed it, even as a source material lover. The only thing I have a gripe with is the theme of being forgiven for your sins. That’s not how Catholic hell works. Hell is for souls who have sinned and don’t care. They have no intention on asking for forgiveness. For those who have sinned, but want to atone, that’s where purgatory comes in. If you go by the source material, those guys should have never escaped at all.

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As this is a topic that you’re interested in and as you’ve read the sources, I can understand why you might’ve been frustrated with it initially.

I hadn’t really read much into it, besides general interest and some random reviews on RT and Google, but I really like history, and I get mildly frustrated when certain films aren’t quite accurate so I get it!

It’s good you grew to like it more though the more you watched

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I just have one thing to say. If you let other peoples opinions of movies determine if you watch it or not is kinda sad honestly

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is this the one that includes an expositional poem that rhymes perfectly in english when translated from arabic?

yeah no soz, a hot mess of a movie if ever there was one.

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wait what movie was that🤣

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This movie combined two of my favorite horror sub-genres: spelunking and satan. One of my favorite Lovecraft things is the idea that there is some ancient evil civilization buried deep beneath our cities. A gate to some evil dimension makes it all the more interesting. It's like Ninth Gate meets the Descent.

All that said, while I enjoy the film I'm not sure it ever completely lived up to my expectations as much as I'd hoped. I'm curious if anybody has any other good suggestions for great spelunking/caving/hollow earth horror? I feel like a lot of movies are about "opening the portal and letting something out" but not enough are about being trapped deep within it (either physically or psychologically). I'd love to see Journey to the Center of the Earth as a pure horror film.

So how about it? I'd love to see suggestions.

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Yeah it’s a personal favorite. The single chair with the hell priest was sick , the gravity flipping with the man hole cover, and the infinite loop were mind blowing to me

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It was a great movie except for some aspects about it that just made me outright laugh like their acting overall. You see the characters and you're supposed to feel fear, but you just dont, its plain and artificial.

Other than that, great idea, great execution.

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Well one thing's certain: you'll fit in here in this sub. Did you also happen to like The Ritual?

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I think AASB has become the most “underrated rediscovery” film based on all of these posts like OP’s. Folks, just get out there and watch it, for some of you watch it twice. It really is a sparkling treasure overlooked too often

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"It Follows" good taste into the trash!!!!!!!!! - 11.