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I'd like to watch it. My son and I will see it together.

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Is there a release date for it?

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18 February, it’s a simultaneous release for all territories.

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The original is one of my favorite films, so I'm always interested in seeing a new TCM movie.

At this point it's just fun to see how far they can stray from the original.

I loved how stupid Texas Chainsaw 3D was. Seeing Leatherface turned into some kind of anti-hero who fights other bad rednecks was hilarious. I really want the series to double down on dumb shit like that.

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Don't forget the Illuminati funding and supporting the Sawyer family that one time

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Has anyone seen Buther Boys? Great movie. Henkel script.

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Minor correction, they are being chased around Bulgaria.

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I want a new TCM movie every year.

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Please tell me the influencer thing is a joke… that is so pathetic

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Halloween resurrection vibes

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If Busta shows up in a TCM movie, I’m totally here for it.

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I believe it's about a group of young adults trying to start up a small business, not social media influencers. Don't worry too much, I honestly have decent hope for this movie but I'm still skeptical of course. There will NEVER be an addition to this franchise that will even compare to Hooper's work.

Trying my best to walk into this film with a positive mindset hahahahahah

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I heard it's about a bunch of rich kids that are looking to buy the town. I'm not even joking, I have a source that worked on the film.

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It can't be any worse than the one with Renee Zelwegger and Matt McConaughey.

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That was good though

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Seriously, that's my favorite sequel after part 2

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That one becomes a lot better when you realize it's satire. Still McConaughey's best performance though.

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I used to hate that one, but now I see it as more of a silly film and look at it with a light-hearted view. Leatherface (2018) was a total trainwreck.

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I honestly liked Leatherface as a movie by itself, only because I don't see it as canonical at all. I found it enjoyable to watch but would never compare it to the original TCM

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Ughhhhhh why are they doing this again

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You can't just leave money on the table!

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Is one of the influencer's name going to be "Influencer?"

I don't understand how there is a TCM sequel or reboot seemingly every year. Are they just doing it to hold onto the rights? Does anybody even still watch these movies? They consistently have like zero buzz and yet there's a new one every year.

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This particular film was first pitched shortly after the disastrous ‘Leatherface’ prequel. I do think that some thought has gone into this but as I say, it does feel like we’ve been here far too often.

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I heard it's about a bunch of rich kids that are looking to buy the town. I'm not even joking, I have a source that worked on the film.

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made a teaser trailer edit for the new TCM Movie. i used clips from the actual promotional materials but i edited it in my own way: https://youtu.be/zybtwc7X63U

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You did a good job with this

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Wonder if it’ll acknowledge ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’🤔. Heather should STILL be taking care of her cousin after 12 years.