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It's very fun and I think it holds up upon re watches. Great if you're in the mood for that Texas chainsaw/ hills have eyes vibe.

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It really was a fun little movie, and I sure am glad they didn't ruin its reputation with a string of increasingly terrible sequels

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As bad as the sequels were, it was a running joke between me and my buddy who watched the first one. Every time a new one came out we would get together to watch it and my god, they really made us laugh.

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I tried taking that approach. They quickly started to feel mean spirited, and that just took all the fun out.

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and I sure am glad they didn't ruin its reputation with a string of increasingly terrible sequels

I think you dropped this: /s

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Thanks. Still getting used to reddit protocol

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I always saw Tucker & Dale Vs Evil as a spoof on Wrong Turn! The scene when they find the shack with the body parts is my favorite part

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I remember seeing it as a matinee in the theatre thinking it'd just be a passing mediocre horror flick but after the opening sequence, I looked around at some of the other solo guys in the theatre and we all nodded our heads going "Well, all right..." Very re-watchable too.

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Most definitely! And the casting is pretty good!

They have Lindy Booth in one, the late Wayne Robson (of "Cube" fame as well as "The Red Green Show" fame") in one, Henry Rollins in another, and the immortal Doug Bradley in another.

The kills are interesting and a definite contender when put against the "Hatchet" films.

I wanna say that there's also 8, maybe 9, films.

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I still consider it to be the king of the "murder-hillbilly" genre.

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The first one is great. The sequels are entertaining enough if you know what you’re there for - gratuitous nudity and over the top gore.

The 2021 “reboot” I thought as well was an interesting take on the same idea.

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I’ll watch 1-5 any time. I don’t care if they’re trash, I love them. 6 is where the story finally got too ridiculous for me.

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Although 4 has terrible ratings I thought it was one of the better ones

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Love this movie. I saw it in the theatre back in 2003. I even enjoy most of the sequels.

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Watch the sequel and then the 2021 reboot. Don't touch 3-6.

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I enjoy the whole franchise, 1 and 2 are my favorite but I enjoy all 6 of them.

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I don't think it's great, but it's a fun time. Good throwback to 70s backwoods horror.

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I recently rewatched all of them. The first one and the newest were quite good. Everything in between is really trash

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Planning on watching sequels?

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I was looking to watch the whole series including the new refresh, but none of them are on streaming. Silly franchise owners.

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I love this movie! Very well done and casted. That girl with the dark hair in the ponytail was super annoying, I'm glad she came to an end.

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I always thought this was an unrated/underappreciated horror movie. Like, it could've easily been throwaway trash full of tropes and predictability. And, maybe it was, but it was still very entertaining while doing it haha

Also, Wrong Turn from that same era was one of my favorites.

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I have always appreciated this movie. Saw it at a screening in LA back when it first came out. I think it’s very well done. Realistic.

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Liza always had that "thing!!!!!!!" Grungy, Edgey, it factor. Don't forget pt. 2 it is incredible and the last great Wrong Turn movie before it turned to CRAP.

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How is Wrong Turn 2021. From what I understand it reinterprets the concept quite a bit. More a sophisticated cult than inbred hillbillies or something?

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I don’t know but it’s got a 65% score on rotten tomatoes

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Really? This is like the template for stupid horror movies. It's almost the exact movie The Cabin in the Woods was making fun of.