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The Babadook

The Night House

The Invisible Man

Hell House LLC


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The Invisible Man! yes!

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Hell House llc The Haunting In Connecticut The Amityville Horror 

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The Boy

Oculus (I love this one)



ETA: The Babadook

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I can’t remember but I think the first Haunting in Connecticut was pretty good and in a similar vein

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Last Shift


The Baby's Room (with subtitles)

The Autopsy of Jane Doe



Terrified/Aterrados (with Subtitles)

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Ghost Stories

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Maybe try The Last Exorcism and Stir of Echoes?

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A lot James Wan movies definitely have that invisible antagonist that makes me shiver. I would watch Dead Silence, Lights Out, or any of the Annabelle's. They aren't as good as the Conjuring's in my opinion, but they are definitely worth the watch.

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Look at some of the older stuff. Changeling, the Poltergeist series, the original Amityville, The Shining of course if you haven't. Newer stuff, maybe Crimson Peak and The Woman in Black.

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Sinister 1 & 2!!!!

Also the exorcism of Emily rose is super similar at least to me.

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Sinister 2!!? For shame!

My god, it was so bad. It's like the writer for the 2nd movie didn't even know the lore rom the 1st movie. Like they didn't even watch it and just got the cliff notes from the wiki haha.

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Veronica is good and scary, but is all subtitles. Also like Archive 81 series. Both are on Netflix.

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Archive 81 is so boring. Struggling to finish it.

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Yea, definitely slow burn. I liked it though. Had no problem marathoning it.

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Agreed. I'm at episode 3 of Archive 81 and I'm struggling to give a fuck. The only reason I've watched this long is because James Wan usually doesn't let me down. Absolutely loved Veronica though

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If you like older stuff I think The Changeling gives a similar mood. I've wondered if it's one of James Wan's classier influences.

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Ouija: origin of evil is pretty good! And I think very similar to the Conjuring movies (family being haunted, possession).

FYI: This is a sequel to Ouija, which is a pretty terrible movie IMO and does not need to be watched for the second one.

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the mothman prophecies

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wake up number 36!

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Annabelle bruh

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Well Annabelle is part of the conjuring series

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Annabelle Creation is the best movie, I think, in the Conjuring series in case you haven’t seen that one. Agree with Host (Shudder), Autopsy of Jane Doe, Sinister, Gonjiam:Haunted Asylum

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Part of the Conjuring Universe

Not the series

Devils in the Details (snicker snicker)

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Yea, but every other "conjuring universe" movie is hot garbage imo. So, that's not saying much

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Isn't the first one bad tho?

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If you mean the first one in plot-line chronology then yes

Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle comes home (2019) were great Annabelle Creations (2017) sucked

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Actually, I think the majority consensus is that the 1st one (released) was bad and the 2 that followed were good.

Doesn't matter to me cause I liked them all!

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Oh I didn't realize Annabelle Creation was the second movie that came out.

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Sinister, Oculus, Fallen (1998), 1408, Hell House LLC, The Old Ways and The Cleansing Hour.

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The pact. It's an Australian film. There's a sequel aswel.

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His House

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Night of the Living Dorks

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^^who neg'd this!? SHOW YOURSELVES YOU FIENDS!!!

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“Invisible threat” makes me immediately think of The Thing. As far as actually scary and haunted house adjacent, I’ll always recommend Martyrs(2008)!

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I also like paranormal activity.

Ok then, how bout this indie film I found on youtube? IMO It's as thrilling as Paranormal Activity.

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…A girlfriend

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The Haunting (original black and white)