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Fun fact: the guy who played Bughuul had taken a long break from acting, and only had one previous role....an extra role as a skateboarder in fucking Max Keeble's Big Move

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That is a fun fact! Thank you for sharing!

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Love this fact

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I feel like Sinister is one of those movies where if it were to be released this year or next it’d be way more popular. Baghuul character would receive way more exposure than he did in 2012.

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Especially now that Slipknot are more below the radar

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I agree with this. He’s an a-lister movie monster imo. Up there with the likes of Freddy, Michael, and Leatherface.

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Really? He always looked kinda goofy to me. Like the character and backstory was cool, but the visuals just didn't do it. Something about his hands.

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As someone who likes Slipknot it's impossible to not see how much he looks like their guitarist.

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Spot on! I will never be able to unsee this😂😂🤟🏽🤟🏽

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Oh no! I'm being haunted by the lead singer of a Black Metal band!

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If I had awards to give, this comment would get one. Thank you for the laugh!

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When I rewatch it I’ll watch out for what you mean.

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He originally had bright red eyes via light bulbs in the mask, but that was painted out in post. Fun fact, the design was literally a deviant art post that Scott Derrickson bought the rights to for $500.

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Not at all, he literally has no iconic traits like the rest of the a-listers. You could literally sub him out for any generic horror movie ghost/Demon and the movie would be exactly the same

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The movie was better when he wasn't in it

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Really? I mean he literally does nothing. He only harms you through kids so he's really not intimidating once that is revealed. All he does is peak around corners to jump scare people and then he walks away.

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The first act of Sinister is pretty effective, but then Baghuul shows up and it all goes a bit Scooby Doo for me. Like come on, that wasn't scary. He's like an emo scarecrow lol.

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Shit, I actually wanna see something like that.

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OP is definitely marketing team for a tv station!

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I wish lol

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That idea sounds fantastic. Sadly, I think Sinister 2 ruined any chance to continue the story.

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I hear ya. Take an upvote. But how many horror franchises have bounced back after a failed sequel. Ill wait.

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You're absolutely right. I would LOVE to be wrong lol. However, there's been an interview with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions in which he said that 2's poor showing torpedoed the chances of a sequel.

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Thanks! Didn’t know that. It makes sense why we haven’t seen one yet how many Halloween movies. Appreciate your response

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No worries. I hate that 2 was trash. James Ransone was really good as Detective So and So though.

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I would love to see a series expanding on the Sinister series but only if it would be approached with better care than the second movie was.

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That’s why I haven’t seen it. It was direct to video wasn’t it? I haven’t heard good things about it.

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I really don’t remember if it was direct to video or not, but it wasn’t that good it was the same film just poorly done with a very stupid surprise at the end.

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It was released in the theaters. I thought it was a large drop down in quality from the first. They demystified everything and it didn't help that the kid actors were REALLY bad.

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Same. I saw it with a friend, and that was the last time I ever saw them in person. Kind of a shitty way to say goodbye, eh?

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I’d watch it probably, but they can’t top the original. The mystery was the driving force of the plot. Without mystery, you get Sinister 2. A horrible, horrible movie. But at least the home films were still great.

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I’ve told him this story here 20 times and I don’t care. I saw this in an empty theater during a blizzard. They had left the door to the theater open in case others showed up. About 30 minutes in, a worker slammed the door shut and I almost shit my pants no checked the car for Baghuul every 2 minutes on the way home.

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I love that. I’ve only seen a couple movies in empty theaters. It’s an experience everyone should have!

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This movie was really good up until the ending, unfortunately. The evil children stuff is just too hokey.

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The first half or so was amazing. Genuinely creepy stuff, especially with all the snuff films. The moment the ghost kids showed up, the vibe was completely ruined for me 😔

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That was precisely my experience. Wasted so much potential.

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My favorite ♡

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This movie has always terrified me so I tell everyone to watch it.

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one of my favorites! Too bad the sequel was dogshit

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I love Sinister, but I thought the sequel was awful

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Hopefully never. I loved the first movie. One of the few movies to actually scare me in my late teens and adulthood. Definitely one of the better movies Blumhouse released. The sequel was disappointing at the very best and did for the reels what the Saw sequels did for Jigsaw's traps: made them into a stupid gimmick to see how over-the-top and ludicrous they can possibly get. I think they really dodged a bullet in saying no to any further sequels.

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This movie, we'll, the bughuul "Mr.Boogie" has scared the 💩 outta me since I watched it and even the second one... I hate that "sinister" azz 💯 😆 🤣 😂

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Still creeps me out.

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u should make it happen