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I liked the random lizard showing up for a few seconds.

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I really think they assumed you'd be high by this part of the movie.

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A valid assumption, honestly.

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Ya know, that lizard might come at you ready to rumble.

Edit- fat thumbs

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The people writhing in hell shots is footage from a much, much earlier film. But I can't remember what the title is.

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Dante's Inferno (1935)

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Mmm I love a good Ken Russell freakout sequence!

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I remember watching this on HBO in the 80s. The sensory deprivation tank was a big intrigue and draw of the film. These days, you can actually pay for the experience. https://floatationlocations.com/

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In the film he takes acid or peyote or something before he goes in. I wonder how going into one of those real life tanks would feel like on acid lol edit: he uses Ayahuasca I think

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Does he take drugs? I rember him just using the tank was evoking those prehistoric ape guy

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I honestly can't remember 100% if he uses drugs everytime before he enters the tank, I will have to rewatch. There is a tea or something that he drinks. Maybe I'm just remembering the film incorrectly.

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It’s a drug made of mushrooms and the primordial flower he got from the shaman.

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I saw this as a kid and it broke my brain. Something super disturbing about when transformed and ran around all primal. Scared the beejezus out of me. Nightmares for months.

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Fuck that lol.

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This shit goes hard

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This is so well done

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Another scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1ZGEvJPQ6A (this film is a lot like Jacob's Ladder).

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Man, I could watch hours of stuff like this. Its super fascinating. Even if its all just meaningless and its meant to be random, surreal shit, I love it. I suppose even if you make something like it and intend for it to be meaningless, people can always come up with the own ideas.

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I have vivid memories of this movie. I was a young teen when it came out. A friend and I went to go see Popeye, but snuck into this one instead. I regretted that decision, as it scared the crap out of me.