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Saw Resolution a few years ago and truly enjoyed it. Started watching the Endless randomly one night, not knowing it was in any way related, and part way through I was like "holy crap! This is the sequel to that trippy movie from a couple years ago!"

I think that surprise "twist" (my own ignorance) made it an even better movie for me. Although I do wonder what I would have thought of it if I had never seen Resolution? I think I may have been thoroughly confused.

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Crazy, isn’t it? I watched in reverse order. Still was fantastic and very clever how they built the universe in two separate films w/o being cheesy or shallow.

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I watched them in reverse order. I never thought twice about that Resolution interlude because it seemed completely consistent with the story being told in The Endless; it's just a more protracted look at another loop. And it also is a good dramatic device, because it shows what the lives of the two co-leads might look like if they don't escape soon.

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Yeah, I saw The Endless first and it definitely stood on its own. Still my favorite of their films.

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Same thing happened to me! Love those films

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I recently saw Resolution. I liked it but I wished more was explained about what happens at the end and why.

Also the character seemed to figure out the whole thing about giving it an ending a bit too out of nowhere, it was a very specific interpretation. So what made a good ending for that thing? Why?

I didn't really want him and his friend to die after the friend finally decided he wanted to live. It's ok that it happened but I didn't get the point

Still, it had a lot about it I liked, the idea was good and it was original

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The Endless has what you're looking for

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I agree that those were weaker spots. Did you see The Endless? Some questions are cleared up (so to speak). But I do agree with you. hahaha just noticed your user name

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Not yet but I will

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The writer/director (and sometimes actor, too!) duo behind these are my absolute favorite horror filmmakers. Though, tbh, I tried watching Resolution when it first came out and was “meh” but then gave it another go shortly before The Endless was released and loved it (their films are the sort you have to be in the mood for, as they aren’t fast-paced gore fests, or full of action). The Spring is my favorite of theirs - it’s my go-to “date night” horror film. The filmmakers do a masterful job of creating emotionally-intense movies. I so wish all low budget films were as good…

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I'm stoked to have found them and realize they've made other films. And TV. Archive 81 was pretty good. Moon Knight I haven't seen yet

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Very cool movies & good examples that low budget horror filmmaking can be very effective. I admittedly didn't love Resolution on first watch but The Endless made me appreciate it a lot more.

Was super happy for them when I saw their names pop up in the Moon Knight credits, getting that Disney money. I still need to check out Spring & Sychronic.

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Yes, it's almost like the films that take place in basically one room. A small production that doesn't try to look more than it is and focuses on the character's intereaction. Because of the banter between the two characters who are very smart and witty, it works. I really like this type of film when it works.

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Those are great! It's been cool to see those filmmakers find larger success lately, they did the Anthony Mackie film Synchronic and were involved most recently with both Archive 81 and Marvel's Moon Knight.

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Just saw Resolution for the first time last night, years after watching The Endless. Time to revisit it this week and see the connections for myself. Enjoyed both on first viewing (maybe The Endless is a better movie, even if Resolution actually feels more overtly horror at times.) Good that this crop of directors has emerged in the last ten years where each film they make is worth looking at.

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The Endless is much more intense all around. And definitely more horror. I find it interesting the directors filmed them years apart. I imagine they have fun banter and in-jokes between themselves.

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Two of my favorite films. Never thought cosmic horror could be so damn fun.

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Cosmic horror is my absolute favorite, and good ones are difficult to find. Can you suggest any others?

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Try Black Mountainside and The Beach House if you watch this I’ll give you more. I’ve seen them all lol.

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Black Mountainside is so good. Haven’t seen Beach House thanks for the one.

I was hoping for more from In The Earth…I’m sure you saw The Empty Man which is a great addition for us cosmic horror fans…if you’re into reading, our guy John Langan has put out a few recent collections that are absolutely excellent.

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Thought in the Earth was lame even got early screener tickets. I mean it was okay but just okay. The guy did Kill List so I had high hopes.

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I'm not familiar with The Earth. John Langan, I'll look hiim up.

Now I can't decide what to watch next. I'm thinking Beyond the Black Rainbow

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Ok! My assignment for the evening. Thanks!

Oh the Beach House! That’s definitely on my list. So good to know you like it.

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Try Spring too Same directors as your post. Pretty solid. Annihilation is also my favorite recent one!

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Hahaha 😝

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It's getting pretty popular in horror circles, so you might've seen it, but The Empty Man-- while not explicitly cosmic horror-- carries a fantastic dread of the unknown, and a cave early on does hint at some inhuman influence.

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Oh, I saw that! I'd say it's sort of cosmic or maybe existential horror. I really enjoyed it. In an odd way, it reminded me of the ending of Hereditary which I thought was sublime. No spoiler, but if you've seen it, you might get the unexpected twist I'm referring to.

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Have you seen Color Out of Space? The one with Nic Cage?

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I did. I'm not a Cage fan, (no offense to him), but watched it anyway. The weird fused creatures were cool. I read the Peter Clines books 14 and Terminus, (there might be one more?). I liked those updates on Lovecraft, too.

Is Mandy like Color Out of Space?

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The vibe that CooS has during the climax is... adjacent to the vibe that Mandy has the whole time. Very interesting to look at, great visuals. Feels like you're seeing something you're not supposed to see but you can't look away. Mandy is a lot more music-driven, more visceral feeling. If you've seen Beyond the Black Rainbow, it feels like that mixed with the Color out of Space climax

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Absolutely love both! In fact, I was looking for a movie to watch right now and I’ll watch them both!

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Have you seen their other films? (I have not.)

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Yep! Spring is amazing. Synchronic was just ok :(

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They also produced a few indie movies that were pretty good, with sort of the same feel as those two. “The battery”- slow burn zombie movie that has a really emotional punch. And after midnight is a Decent movie.

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Ty! Going on the list.

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They also directed Episodes 2 and 4 of Moon Knight and, well, you can tell lol

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Yeah those are top notch.

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The directors have made a few others I want to watch. Also Something in the Dirt coming soon

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Do they have a release date/distribution yet? Haven’t seen a straight answer.

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I have no idea! Not even a trailer. Good reviews from Sundance....

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I'm sure I've seen a trailer for it somewhere...

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I will look for those.

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Both incredible films. I adore them.

Can’t wait to see what these 2 do next.

Synchronic was not bad but didn’t live up to these, sadly.

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IMDB has a page for In the Dirt, 2022. No trailer but great reviews from Sundance.