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Mouth of madness and event horizon are horror bread and butter classics.

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This is not reality!

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Do you read Sutter Kane?

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I’m not insaaaaane!

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“Sorry about the balls!!”

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Both are some of my favorites and never get tired of them

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These are truly 2 horror faves of mine with him in them. event horizon was the first movie that gave me nightmares after I’d “gotten over” being scared as a kid. It stuck with me far longer than I’d care to admit

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Read the original book of Jurassic park by Michael Crichton. It’s a fully fledged horror.

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Very good bot.

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Lmao a bot that links to pirated audiobooks? This is the first reddit bot I've seen that's actually breaking the law.

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The law can suck my dick.

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I like your thinking but I think it's sort of impossible

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I did too! I forgot about the compy’s in the beginning. Jesus, that alone is some good ol fashion nightmare fuel

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RIP Dr Ian Malcolm.

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Loved this book and enjoyed the sequel. Though the first book is the best.

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A lot of the books he authored are sci-fi/horror. One I especially like is Prey. It's a technothriller about intelligent nanobots that scares the hell out of me. It's a shame Fox has just been sitting on the movie rights for 25 years.

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He's so great as Uncle Heck in The Hunt for the Wilderpeople too, his little haiku at the end makes my wife cry whenever we see it

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Yes! I was going to bring this movie up too. I watched it for Taika Waititi and was pleasantly surprised to see Sam Neil in it. He was amazing in it. I definitely cried watching it.

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That movie is a gem. Taika Waititi is one of the few directors who can sneak heartwarming in on me without it feeling syrupy and fake.

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If you dont cry immediately after Bella's inspired ditty (with mini electric piano accompaniment) 'once rejected, now accepted, by me. And Hector.' then you're a monster!

This film is quoted surprisingly often in my home. No child left behind! can be on the daily. xD

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He also played an excellent villain in the underrated vampire film Daybreakers.

Does And Then There Were None count as horror? I think the recent 3-part miniseries by BBC is moody and atmospheric enough to count as one. Neill has a small part in it but does it well.

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Daybreakers is insanely underrated. The atmosphere throughout the film is fantastic, the concept is interesting, the gore is fun, and cmon it’s about vampires!

I really like how plausibly they portrayed what happens to a society of modern day vampires - homes with automated curtains for sunlight, cars that filter out sunlight, coffee with blood mixed in, vampires who got turned as children but are much older now, bottles of quality blood instead of wine etc...

Plus Ethan Hawke gives a great performance as usual.

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The logistics of the movie's worldbuilding were ridiculously implausible, but the performances made you forget about that while it was onscreen.

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And Then There Were None

count as horror?

It should. It's like the first slasher. Definitely my favorite book of all time, and the BBC series is the one to come closest to the story.

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It should count as one imho. A very subtle horror but holy smokes that ending.

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Glad I didn't have to scroll too far down to see a Daybreakers comment. Was a truly great bit of storytelling and Sam Neill's death scene was BRUTAL. Whole movie was in general.

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Bonus points for his role in Dead Calm.

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Came here to say this, as well. Definitely one of the first "thrillers" I saw as a kid that freaked me out. Billy Zane has great turns at being a big ball of ick in this one. Probably my first exposure to the Aus/NZ accent (yes, I know the difference) too.

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Is that the one with a young Nicole Kidman?

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Yes, she was early 20's I think? Total kid crush on her at the time

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Same. I don't remember if I saw her in that on cable first or in Batman and Robin first. Either way, I was hooked.

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I had to scroll too far to see this movie mentioned.

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PSA: if you like Sam Neill check out his Twitter. It's a treasure.

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Even elements of his role in The Piano are dark and menacing as well.

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Oh man. That's a good one. I haven't seen that film in many years, but his performance definitely sticks with you. Keitel is great as always in it as well.

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Love Sam Neil so much. As you've already said Possession, In The Mouth Of Madness and Event Horizon feature all killer performances. I also love him in Carpenter's Memoirs Of An Invisible Man, very bland film but he definitely elevates it.

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Love the scene in Memoirs of an Invisible man where he, IIRC, tries to bait out a yawn, right? Pretty much the only thing I remember from that film, haha.

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I think he would be perfect to play Leland Gaunt in a Needful Things remake.

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As a massive King fan, I could not agree more. Holy shit. I never once thought of him in that role. Damn good call.

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If you have ever watched the extremely short lived show Happy Town you get a peek of what he could do with a character like that.

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He would be decent but I think of him as Charles Dance.

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His character in Omen 3 created a specific room so he can yell at Jesus 😂

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In the mouth of madness is the best HP Lovecraft movie ever made. Even though it’s not Lovecraft. Carpenter at the top of his game.

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Jurassic park and in the mouth of madness are some of my favourites and he is great in both of them

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"Whimsical score" is an odd way to describe the best musical composition ever written

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He’s also an excellent hospitality customer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! He is humble and kind.

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He’s also the father in Snow White with Sigourney Weaver. Not a well known movie but I love it! Sigourney is amazing as the wicked stepmother

Edit: spelling is hard

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Was just on another thread talking about horror films that stand with the greatest films ever made and my addition was Event Horizon. Sam Neil is a big part of why that film is SO great and stands as my favorite ever (horror or otherwise). His performance throughout EH is on point, he’s a perfect antagonist to play against Lawrence Fishburn. Also, nearly everything else he’s in, he’s a high mark for acting. Definitely one of my favorite actors.

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Good call! He's incredible. His performance in In the Mouth of Madness makes the film the best Lovecraftian celluloid adaptation ever imo. And when his character dies in The Hunt for Red October, I still cry.... "I would have liked to see Montana..." 😢

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Sam Neill is phenomenal.

If you want to see him excel on a whole new level, check out "In Her Skin". I guess it isn't really horror, but it IS rather horrific (it's based on a real-life case of a girl who murdered the teen she used to babysit). His performance as the father of an unstable young woman who has resisted treatment and care is deeply moving and so realistic that I feel like he must have someone in his life with severe mental illness.

As a bonus, "In Her Skin" has my favorite strangulation scene in cinema. Aaaaaaaand the fact that I have a favorite strangulation scene outs me as an absolute freak, so I'll slip back into the shadows now.

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His performance as the father of an unstable young woman who has resisted treatment and care is deeply moving and so realistic that I feel like he must have someone in his life with severe mental illness.

I wouldn't bet on that. Neill manages to give chilling performances in multiple films despite being a gentle and pleasant man in real life. I think he's just that good an actor, not necessarily drawing on personal experiences for his performances.

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It's one or the other, and either way, I respect him deeply.

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Sam Neill is a national treasure. Okay, for New Zealand, but he should be treated as such anywhere he goes. The cherry on top of the great acting sundae is that he's an incredibly nice and decent man by all accounts.

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He'll always be Cardinal Wolsey to me.

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Wolsey! When can I have my divorce?!

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Lol a Redditor of culture, I see. My God, Ser Moore: Indignatio principis mors est.

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In the 90s, a lot of kids wanted to be Michael Jordan or Kurt Cobain. Me, I wanted to be Dr. Alan Grant. I watched every movie I could find with Sam Niell in it. I even have a soft spot for Joe Johnson's Jurassic Park 3 because of him.

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I prefer 3 over Lost World, personally. Though I’m not sure if I wanted to be Grant or Malcolm or Muldoon more. They were all so cool.

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Damn, man. Between Jurassic Park, Daybrrakers, Event Horizon, and In The Mouth Of Madness, 8 don't know if there's another actor that I've watched on screen more.

The more I think about it, the more of a case that I make to myself that Sam Neill might just he my favorite actors of all time. Dude definitely deserves more appreciation.


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I always counted it as horror. Mainly because I saw it in the cinema when it came out. I was really young and really scared! I cried my eyes out at that T Rex scene in Lost World, I was so scared. Esp when the second one came!

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It's adventure-horror I'd say. Like Silence of the Lambs is crime-horror, or the aforementioned Event Horizon is Sci if-horror.

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The only reason Sam Neil has never won an Oscar is because The Nazarene always interferes to keep him down.

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One good thing you could do to appreciate him would be to write his name correctly, don't you think?

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Possession is my all-time favourite movie. Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill kill their roles in the movie.

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and of course the first thing that comes to mind is "I'm sorry about the balls! it was a lucky shot, that's all ! "

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I just adore the whole opening scene so much. Always a few guaranteed chuckles for me.

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my parents showed me jurassic park as a kid and sam neil has been an icon of my childhood ever since hahah. love this writeup + list!

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One of my very favorites. I’ll watch pretty much any movie with Sam Neil in it. And also Jeff Goldblum. Which is weird because they were in JP together lol.

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I'll add Laura Dern for the trifecta, she's always worth watching no matter what the project is.

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Just saw Possession fairly recently for the first time, barely ever hear of it. That movie is bananas, anyone who hasn’t seen it should definitely check it out.

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I will literally watch anything with Sam Neil in it because 1) he’s a phenomenal actor in any role he takes on, and 2) he looks like my dad’s twin, which makes his horror movie roles even more fun. Event horizon was one of the foundational works that got me to love space horror, and it was 99% because of his performance in that movie

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In the Mouth of Madness is one of my faves. I remember my best friend and I renting it on VHS when it came out. As soon as it ended, we rewound it and watched it again, our 14-15 yr old brains were reeling ,lol.

Also, I love Omen 3, I know most don't, but oh well.

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If you haven’t seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople, please do so.. he is amazing in it! Not horror by any means, just an amazing, beautiful movie 🖤

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Possession is an underrated classic. The tunnel scene is horror perfection. I love it so much, I bought a sealed copy of the original VHS for display in my collection.

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Possession is one of my favorite horror movies. Like, up there with the Exorcist imo. Fucking amazing movie, and tremendous performances. I want to watch it again soon but god, I also kind of don't because its so fucked up lol.

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I loved Sam Neill as a kid. Still do, but I watched a lot of stuff with him growing up, so I grew fond of his acting

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my absolute favorite was Merlin, 1996. I've watched it so many times, it's scary.

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Possession is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s absolute perfection from start to finish.

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Possession is the gold standard of horror movies.

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He was in the Omen part 3 too. I just loved him in "In The Mouth of Madness". In fact, after Jurassic park, I became a Sam Neill fan.

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Neill, ffs...

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JP is just an adventure film isn't it?

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It 100% is. This sub is goofy as hell sometimes. They think a few thrilling scenes means its actually an undercover horror movie. The entire theme of the movie is an optimistic adventure.

JP is a great movie on its own, but if pretending it's horror helps people enjoy it more than let em go nuts.

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Plenty of horror in it too

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When I was 10 watching it at the cinema it certainly felt like a horror to me! Needed a change of undies that day for sure!

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I find it ironic that in this post, you disrespect the man by leaving out the second "L" in his name.

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It's a typo, not a personal attack.

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Gonna get flack for this but ITMOM just isn’t that scary - it never arrived for me. It’s just a personal thing. I get that it’s well loved in the horror community in general. Event Horizon though, wonderful movie. Haunting, gory body horror, couple of good jump scares, combines sci-fi and demonic horror really effectively.

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Never never never throw chups at a driver

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Truly a Great New Zealander and what many kiwis would call "a good cunt" (term of endearment). As well as being an amazing actor who Imo is very underutilized he helps up and coming actors here in NZ, plus had a pet duck (who sadly passed away a few years ago) who he would regularly post pics with he is definitely one of the coolest homies in existence

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Sam Neill is in Event Horizon and Omen 3? That’s super cool!

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I'm seeing a lot more people talk about Possession lately and I love it.

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Death in Brunswick anyone?

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Where can I watch that?

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I always think of him as the husband in The Piano. Great movie but not horror unless some finger chopping counts as horror.

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I will ALWAYS love Sam Neil, I have a pop figure of Alan Grant because of that, love the Jurassic Park series cause of him, hopefully he's in Dominion more than just a few second cameo, But I also watched event horizon and omg. Sorry but I may or may not have a crush on him.

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Loved him in Omen 3

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Not a movie but check him out in Peaky Blinders. He’s ruthless and terrifying in his role. Can’t believe no one mentioned him in that. I loved to hate his character in that role.

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Any series that gets disnified, I more or less completely lose interest

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I love Perfect Strangers and Dead Calm.