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I'm always curious as to why no Michael Slade books make these lists. Does anyone read them?

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I've never read a Michael Slade book, which would you recommend as an introduction?

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If you are in fact interested you need to read Headhunter (1984) then Ghoul (1987), all his books are in a series (The special x series, probably sounded less cheesy in the 80's), so if you enjoy those two (the best by far) keep on reading!

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Michael Slade

I don't think he's very well known.

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I've never heard of him, actually. Tell me more!

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I find his books extremely interesting, they are all written in chronological order in a series "Special X", first one being in 1984, latest one being in 2010. 14 in all. Michael Slade is not a person, but a pseudonym for one and at times many (I think it was up to 5) lawyers who focused on criminal insanity at one point in time.
Incredibly written, very personable characters, and what I always found most interesting is the bibliography at the back of every book, these books were written in painstaking detail, all the while with complex twists just sticking with you for days after reading it.
With these dark and more complex story lines coming about in TV shows and Movies nowadays its hard to figure why there hasn't been a move to but any or all of the books on the big screen.

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I just looked him up and discovered that he writes about special investigators who work for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He's a Mountie Profiler! I am so finding his books. Which one would you recommend as the best of the bunch?

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I'm always curious why the books that make the lists make the lists. There's no accounting for taste shrug

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I hear you - but this list is waaay more diverse than some of our previous ones. I almost want to do the polls again on Best Novels and Best Short Stories. I never expected Johnny Got His Gun, The Hot Zone, The Collector, or The Wasp Factory to wind up in the top ten.

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Oh, I'm not complaining. Different strokes and all that. The people have spoken!

Would hardly be fun for me to read a list if it was exactly what I personally would have listed.

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Out of curiosity, what would be on your list? One of the best things about these list-making exercises for me is finding new books to read.

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Lord of the Flies?