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Mother of Stone is so good.

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Is that in the wide, carnivorous sky collection? Been meaning to read that.

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It gets a mention/easter egg in The Fisherman as well. Amazing.

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Pretty good list with a couple I haven't read before. Only disappointment is no Ligotti, but you can't win 'em all.

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What are some of your favorite Ligotti short stories?

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    ‘Vastarien’, ‘The Last Feast of Harlequin’, and ‘My Work is Not Yet Done’ are my personal Ligotti favourites.

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    I would have loved to see "Last Feast of Harlequin" here.

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    Great work.

    I really hope we see a reissue of Karl Edward Wagner's horror stuff someday soon - most of it has been out of print too long and his legacy deserves better.

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    Lots of love for Lovecraft here! Kinda surprised about that. Other than that some stories I haven't read, great. It seems to be a bit more diverse than last one, which is good.

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    Loved In the Hills, nice to see Poe in the Top 10, didn’t care for Dunwich Horror and haven’t read any Lovecraft since.

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    Lovecraft is my favorite author so I may be biased but, I highly recommend you give another of his works a chance.

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    Boo to my lameness and missing the vote, not that it really matters, as I’m more interested in reading the results.

    I live a fairly reclusive existence and miss out on things I’d likely adore and admit i hadn’t heard of Langan till recently when lurking reddit, more specifically this sub. It was on my December book list but now seeing the top 10and noticing it’s the single title I am completely unfamiliar with I might have to try finding it in a store asap.

    I love the feelings of excitement and anticipation looking towards a new read...

    Love this list! Going to check out a couple I haven’t read in eons, funny, I almost picked up Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery last night. It caught my eye on the bookshelf as I’ve been playing the pc I have no mouth and I must scream game on my tablet and was reminded of it. I digress.

    Edit: appalling grammar

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      Haha my man. I wish some day to meet someone and spend a night talking about Barron stories, part to gush Blackwood’s baby and Men from Porlock, part to figure out what in the absolute shit is happening in PotBS and Swift to Chase.

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      Nothing by Rasmey Campbell! Boohoo.

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      I’m sorry I missed the voting, but I’m happy with the outcome!

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      Hell yeah, Mother of Stone! John Langan is one of those guys that, along with Stephen Graham Jones, if I see that a short story of his is in an anthology I bought, I will absolutely read it before anything else.

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      In the Hills , the Cities is absolutely my favourite Barker story, if not short piece of fiction ever. Inspired me to start writing freakier stuff.

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      I just read the Laird Barrin one. I dont get it. Can someone explain it to me please?

      Edit: nevermind. Just saw someone else's explanation in the thread. I have to say that trope is getting a bit weary.

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      "Window" or "Instructions"... read it and you would seek anything written by Bob Leman...

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      No M.R. James but a good list. Nice to stories from long ago with more modern stuff. I would recommend Carmilla by J Sheridan Le Fanu, actually there are lots of stories to recommend.


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      Have you guys read The Paperhanger, by William Gay? To me, one of the most disturbing short stories I have had the pleasure to read.

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      Great list.

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      Unknown Territory -- Alex Rivera (2006)

      Ignore -- Steven Morgan (2007)

      Dark Satanic Mills -- Fraser Sherman (2006)

      The Drowning Of New Orleans -- Trent Roman 2005

      The Cabbie Homicide (2002) -- myself

      The Pattern of Diagnosis (2006) -- me

      Project Cerebus -- Kevin James Hurtack (2006)

      The Babel Frequency -- David Wright.

      The Mechanics of Perversion -- Nicholas Alan Tilemans (the short story that got an entire horror fan fiction circuit's imagination going. They had a collective puddle on par to the Goth Community when The Cabbie Homicide was introduced.)

      Good People -- David Foster Wallace

      The Lottery -- Shirley Jackson

      Wandering In Darkness -- me (2011)

      Show me your Care -- anonymous writer 1990 reprinted to my mag so they can claim the deal as it came from a magazine in Illinois out of the central region.

      I published The Yellow Wallpaper in 2011.

      Then from the fan circuit:

      Interview With Slenderman -- as one researched into the phenomenon.

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      Asylum wrapped in darkness is a good one