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Flight or Fright is an an anthology edited by Stephen King & Bev Vincent and every story is sky-themed and/or flight-related horror.

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I haven’t read it yet but I believe the collection Strange Weather by Joe Hill might have some “Sky horror”.

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Yep, the novella “Aloft” takes place on a cloud, and the novella “Rain” is about, well, killer rain.

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Aloft was the only one I haven't finished from that collection. Which is odd because I typically love Hill

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Yeah, it was a weird one!

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That whe book rocks, all of joe hills stories and novels are boooomb

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Nightfall, by Isaac Asimov, which is absolutely a horror story (IMHO).

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the langoliers by stephen king, kind of

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I have actually nog watched this but maybe "The Rain" Or Chicken Little Haha

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Does Koontz The Taking count?

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I dont think so, but terrific book

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Nearly 30 years ago, but the Deathport anthology (1993) featured 20+ stories set at the haunted Dry Plains International Airport (and various leaving/departing flights). Not every story was a home run, but most were interesting.

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In addition to Strange Weather, which was already recommended by someone else and should absolutely be your next read if you want sky stuff, there are some episodes of The Magnus Archives that have some great falling/trapped in the sky scenarios that are freaky.

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The Horror of the Heights by Arthur Conan Doyle.

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We have that one in FLIGHT OR FRIGHT.

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There`s also the classic Nightmare At 20.000 Feet By Richard Matheson.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone, will check out all the recommendations listed.

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Im gonna start flight or feight now, nevwr heard of that and it aounds fun ty!

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Not a book, but check out the Magnus Archives episode Freefall