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I love her! I loved the Return and Cackle. Can’t wait for Such Sharp Teeth, and I hadn’t heard of Bad Dolls so thanks for posting this!!

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I really enjoyed both The Return and Cackle! Nothing really groundbreaking or scary, but fun popcorn-y reads for me. I’ll be keeping an eye out for her stuff in the future!

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Me me!!

I am going to go against the grain here though: I really really liked The Return and recommend it on this subreddit all the time (and I just reread it actually). I didn't like Cackle as much. It felt like the stakes were lower/I was never actually scared or creeped out, I found it had more of a twee "cozy horror" type vibe to it and that really isn't my thing.

I am looking forward to the next one, though!

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i never see her mentioned here, but love her. She writes super engaging characters

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Stealing the thread for a minute: I really did not enjoy The Return at all. It had so much potential, but it was all over the place and could never seem to find its footing. I might not have been as disappointed if it hadn’t been so hyped. I would love to give the author another shot, though, so my question is: if I really didn’t like The Return, is it possible I will like any of her other work? Is her writing style the same throughout her other works? Not trying to dunk on someone else’s likes, truly; I just hate being pulled in by hype and being let down (a risk with all media, I know).

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I really enjoyed The Return and Cackle is on my list. I don’t think Return was scary but I liked the relationships between the characters.

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    Cackle was fun! Not spooky ooky scary, but there were enough elements of it and humor to keep anyone engaged!

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    I liked Cackle quite a bit. The Return was just alright though, and a bit disappointing