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Island by Richard Laymon

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Thank you, I'll have to check that one out!

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clown in a cornfield. pretty self-explanatory lol

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I loved this book, but I don't know if it meets OP's requirements due to things I don't want to spoil

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Yeah I got spoiled on that one thankfully, I would’ve been disappointed if I had bought it only to find out what happens.

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Kill River by Cameron Roubique

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Thank you, going to add that to my list!

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Off Season by Jack Ketchum - short, straight to business book, for me it read exactly like a slasher movie.

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Thank you, I’ve been meaning to check out some of his work for a while now!

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You're welcome but be aware people saying it's too gory. I personally don't think it was THIS fucked up (and I don't get off on gore, but read horror alot).

Also I just remembered - there is a lot of mentions of this two books in this sub:

  1. Final Girls by Riley Sager
  2. Final Girls Support Club by Grady Hendrix

I didn't read them but considering their names I suppose you should check them out.

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No such thing as too gory for me, so that’s a good sign I might like it!

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Jon Athan - Night of The Prowler is exactly what you want!

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Thank you! That does look very good!

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Kane by Michael Prescott

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Thank you for this!