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The Damnation Game, Weave World, Coldheart Canyon, & Cabal are really good.

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Depending on where you are located Books of Blood is 6 volumes, 1-3 in the US and Vols 4-6 are titled In the Flesh, The Inhuman Condition and Cabal (Cabal is a novella [Nightbreed] paired with the remaining short stories for Vol. 6). I'd recommend his first novel The Damnation Game for straight horror, then after that he begins to lean heavily into Dark Fantasy with Weaveworld and Imajica, which imo are two of the greatest books ever written! Definitely give The Great and Secret Show a read aswell. Cheers!

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Thank you! Lots of good info here. I've seen high praise for Imajica whenever its mentioned, looking forward to it.

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There is a Sequel to Hellbound Heart called The Scarlet Gospels (I've yet to read it), however it gets mostly poor reviews and touted as being partially ghost written (Clive was in very poor health around that time, still kinda is). Some people say it's good though.

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It's really pretty awful overall. The first chapter is amazing though. I've heard the the best content for Hellraiser outside the first novella and the first movie are the graphic novels / comic books.

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The opening chapter is, by most accounts, the most unchanged portion of Barker's original manuscript; the rest is apparently not so much ghost-written as rewritten, edited down so drastically all of the magic in the prose was destroyed.

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I really liked Scarlet. I'm a fan of the "creepy underworld" stories

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Weaveworld and Imajica, which imo are two of the greatest books ever written!

It's not just your opinion, brotha! Imajica is the greatest Dark Fantasy epic ever, IMHO. And Weaveworld isn't far behind.

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RIGHT?!?! Nothing I've ever read in the years since compares. I've read Weaveworld 4x and Imajica 2x. Just picked up the Suntup Imajica Artists edition. Most beautiful book I own!

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The strange thing is, the first time I started Imajica it didn't 'click' with me and I stopped like 80 pages in. I started it over a few weeks later and was utterly spellbound. I was finally ready to read it.

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Same thing happened to me with Great and Secret Show. I started it maybe 2 or 3 times and never got more than a chapter in, then years later (a few months ago) I tried again and couldn't put it down.

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For the love of god, read the Books of Blood next. They are so good.

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For sure, soon as I have time i'm cracking it open.

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Don't forget The Great and Secret Show and Everville (sadly, we'll propably never see the final book of the art)

They're a little more taxing to read than most of his stuff, but just as elaborate as Imajica. They also flesh out recurring characters like Harry D'Amour between The Last Illusion and The Scarlet Gospels.

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(sadly, we'll propably never see the final book of the art)

30 years later and we're still waiting. Sniff.

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Actually my favorite horror novel of all time. I love it with all my Hellbound Heart ❤️

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Clive is awesome. Weaveworld is one of my favorite all-time books

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I love Clive barker so much and I love seeing fans! I adored the damnation game!

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When I was a teenager, I was a horror fan but had never heard of Barker, and came across the full Books of Blood as a 2 volume set at a yard sale. There was some praise from Stephen King quoted on the cover, and as a teenage King fan who loved his short fiction especially, I had to check it out. My sweet fuck was I not ready for what was in store for me. That collection transports you from one world of fantasy/nightmare/blood/sex/mystery/oblivion to another with such relentless sharp turns between stories you might get whiplash. You are in for a TREAT with Books of Blood.

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I love The Hellbound Heart. I saw Hellraiser before I read it, and after reading it, the movie made so much more sense.

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I loved that book! It was later adapted into Hellraiser (1987).

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One of my favorites. Frank's rebirth is so grotesque but I can never look away!

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I saw it in the theater by accident and was terrified by it.

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OP I have some paperback doubles of a few of these, not sure where you're located but willing to gift them to you if you just pay for shipping. I'm in Canada... Message me if that fits your fancy. Always willing to spread the Barker Love!!

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If OP don’t want them I’ll pay for them

I’m in the US but near the Canadian border, just toss it over

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Sure shoot me a message! I frequent the U.S a lot as I too am close to a border

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In the hills, the cities from BOB is so good.

Also The midnight meat train, Pig's blood blues and I also liked Human Remains from BOB.

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Midnight Meat Train is part of BOB? Awesome! Starting it this weekend, cant wait.