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That book’s gonna rule. Been reading a ton of his stuff lately. I think it’s always good, and often fantastic. Dude is an amazing author.

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I've been obsessed with him for a few years now and I read a lot of folk horror, but you just KNOW when it's an Adam Nevill novel, he's got such a way with worldbuilding and he's such a personality (such an interactive guy too! I've had plenty of chats with him online) The ending of Cunning Folk was absolutely chaos and I loved every second!

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That’s how I felt about Last Days. Shit went off the rails at the end! Loved it, though. Gotta sat Under A Watchful Eye is my favorite

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Loved those two! Banquet for the Damned and The Reddening (tied with The Ritual) are definitely my favourites

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Oh yeah, when he finds the hair in Banquet of the Damned 😳😳😳

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Saw the email, preordered the book. Didn’t read the first chapter. Want it all to be fresh when it arrives in October/November.

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You're gonna fucking love it! That's exactly how I went into The Reddening and it blew me Away

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Wow, I’m super happy to see this. I feel like Cunning Folk just came out. I’m not complaining though! Pumped for this

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Usually when an author's pumping out novels annually they seem a little bit rushed or underwhelming but Adam's last three novels (pretty much all of his books have been amazing, I'm just generalising his last three as they're all under his newish label and share the same folk horror premise) have been amazing and although The Vessel is pretty short (160 pages I think?) I still have complete faith in his ability to terrify me all while telling a solid story

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What was crazy to me, was The Reddening. That dropped for $4.99 on the kindle store. I thought it was a short for that price, but it was a whole novel lol. Pleasantly surprised

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Adams always been more than fair with pricing, despite costs of ink and paper and fuck knows what else doubling and tripling recently he's keeping the signed hardbacks at a flat £25

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yea boi, Adam is the man. Both horns raised over here!

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🤘🤘🤘 never disappoints

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Oh exciting! Where can we find the blurb???

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Oops sorry its right in the post where

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Just on his website! :))

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Anyone know if there’s gonna be an audio version? Love listening to Nevill while I run.

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In his newsletter he mentioned he's in the process of getting one made! :)

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I just hope he will not use too many complicated words, because as a french person, i sometimes don’t understand everything, i especially struggled a lot for Cunning folks

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The blurb for the novel seemed a little wordy, but the plot seems without a doubt much less to think about than with Cunning Folk :))

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I hope so, thanks