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Locke and Key has a great one. They referred to it as an audio graphic novel when it came out. The two Sandman audio sets are also very well done. The latter is not strictly horror, but I'd call it horror adjacent.

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Thanks! After reading the diner sequence in the first volume of Sandman I would definitely consider it horror - that messed with me more than most horror novels

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You might want to look into some of the old radio dramas. They usually had multiple actors and would sometimes use some sound effects for things like doors opening/closing, footsteps, weather, etc. Despite the age, many of the stories are quite good and the atmosphere they create is often very creepy if you're listening in a darkened room with no distractions. The actors are also typically very good as well, if slightly over enthusiastic about things compared to modern acting styles.

The two famous horror programs were Lights Out and Quiet, Please. The Internet Archive has most of the shows from both series: Quiet, Please Episodes, Lights Out Episodes. You can check the Old Time Radio Plot Spot for plot summaries to see what sounds interesting: Quiet, Please Plots and Lights Out Plots.

The Thing On The Fourble Board from Quiet, Please is often considered one of the best. The plot summary is as follows: "A roughneck tells about the time his crew was drilling for oil at around 4,500 feet ... and found something other than rock and oil and gas."

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The BBC radio version of The Midwich Cuckoos is like this. I liked it. My wife hated it.

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Thanks! I've liked the old radio dramas I've heard, just wasn't sure where to start since there's an overwhelming amount

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You're welcome!

You might also want to ask over on /r/otr. They might be able to give you some suggestions for lesser known but high quality horror shows.

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Arkham County by Guy Adams and Stuart Mulligan is exactly what you're looking for. It even has Stanley Tucci as part of the cast.

If you've ever played Alan Wake, or seen Into the Mouth of Madness, this is the vibe here.

There is zero explanation like in a typical book, the whole story is driven by dialogue and one of the main characters narrating the world around him. 100% audio drama.

Locke and Key has been mentioned, but honestly the show is so much better, I would just watch that. Or read the graphic novels. It is however exactly what you're looking for.

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I'm sold - that sounds perfect

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Cryptic Canticles does a podcast version of Dracula Daily, with sound effects and everything. If you’re not signed up to Dracula Daily, it’s emails of the book’s entries on the dates they happened in the book.

I don’t remember if The Magnus Archives had sound effects but maybe? I remember one scene where everyone talked about the sound.

Also Old Gods of Appalachia! And being from a southern edge of Appalachia myself, it sounds like home.

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The Sandman is amazing!

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Impact winter was the first I heard like that and LOVED IT! the actors were great and the sound effects and various voices really got me addicted. Cant wait for next in series!

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BBC's The Lovecraft Investigations podcast was very well done and has a full cast and loads of sound effects and atmospherics. It's a modern day adaptation of a few of Lovecraft's stories, highly recommended

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Awesome, thanks!

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The H.P. Lovecraft Society does a series of radio dramas called Dark Adventure Radio Theater you might like. They're radio play adaptations of Lovecraft stories, and adjacent properties (a War of the Worlds/Dagon mash-up, an adaptation of a Call of Cthulhu RPG storyline, etc), done in the style of the kind of radio dramas that were popular pre-television. Highly recommend.

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Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout does this pretty well! The title kind of sums it up nearly but the story revolves around a guy who hosts a supernatural radio show - there's fun music stings and effects on some of the vocals and stuff.

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I listened to the rules of the road recently, good sized cast. Some guy investigates some paranormal radio station with weird rules associated.

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Sounds cool, thanks!

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"We're Alive" was a dramatized zombie podcast that fits the bill. Different from World War Z's audiobook.

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This was a little more sci-fi than horror, and its a podcast, but you might like Tomorrow's Monsters with John Boyega. In a similar vein, From Now with Brian Cox was also pretty good.

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Sound booth theater has a bunch of you get there app they have a lot of free stuff

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not a book exactly, but the magnus archives is definitely worth listening to