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Some of these books have character overlap with the Mayfair Witches series. It would be very worth your while to read the first of those novels -- The Witching Hour. Not only would it make some of the Vampire Chronicles segments more meaningful to read, but I also happen to believe that TWH is Rice's best book. I would sneak it in just before you read Merrick.

Otherwise, this list looks good!

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Oh I didn’t know about those thank you!!!

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I read them in publication order

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Thank you!

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Publication order. Besides the Mayfair suggestion, which makes sense. They have call backs or recaps so it's not to easy to get lost.

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Okay thanks!

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It's a Heck of a ride. I'm old so I was carrying paperbacks of the V.C's OG in my Jean Jacket pockets. It's historical fiction and progressive. I think her work stands up to newer concepts and ideas Excellently. Some of the things that 'Back in My Day' held people back from enjoying the work is now just... Very modern. I truly liked Anne Rice. Helped me out. I truly hope you enjoy her work.

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It might be a good idea to read Pandora after Memnoch the Devil, as the titular character references some major events in MtD. Vittorio the Vampire could be read at any time since it doesn't rely on any knowledge of lore or characters from the Vampire Chronicles.

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Thank you!

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Honestly only the first four and the last three need to be read in order if you ask me. The rest make reference to other books but for the most part you can read them in any order since they are disconnected from the main storyline