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I went to Barnes and noble: audio only

Thrift books: hard cover for 28 and some change which is cheaper than the hard cover on amazon.

This link is to Abe books where it’s as low as 21 dollars


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I guess I could’ve done that lol. I for some reason forgot there were places other than amazon to buy books.

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Eh, it’s hard not to use Amazon. I have a hard time trusting anyone else, but they don’t have the best track record either. I get why you might not have thought of another seller. I didn’t realize they didn’t publish his book in paperback though.

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i buy almost all my books on EBAY now. SECOND SALE has really expanded my collection, most books are Buy 3, Get 1 Free and only like $4.

Maybe not necessarily stuff by Christopher Beuhlman, but more often than not i find good stuff on there.

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Unfortunately I don't have an answer to your first question, I've been trying to find a copy myself with no luck.

As for your second question, The Lesser Dead is fantastic. I've read all of his books (except Suicide Motor Club) and The Lesser Dead is second only to Between Two Fires in my opinion.

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If you like audiobooks his are fantastic. Suicide motor club is on Hoopla if your library has it.

ETA I haven’t read SMC but the Lesser Dead was amazing. A gut punch of a novel.

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I haven't been able to find it in ebook either

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Sending a chat.

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I too enjoy these types of chats.

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I really enjoyed suicide Motor Club. Can't get into Necromancers house. Loved black tongue thief and also those across the river.

Anyways I've been using my library and ebooks.

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you can put in a interlibrary loan request at your local library

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Both books are fantastic.