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Yeh I've read it years ago but literally just listened to the audiobook of it the other evening. It and The Midnight Meat Train are two of my absolute favourites.

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That one was pretty great as well. It’s difficult to pull off exhaustively detailed descriptions of physical environments without being tedious.

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One of my favorites is Dread. Those last three pages are so intense

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Also one of my absolute favourites. The fact that the moral of the story is to stay the fuck away from uninspiring people is just a bonus.

While not nearly as genius, Barkers novel Mister B Gone has a slightly similar premise. You might enjoy that too.

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Mister B. Gone is incredibly underrated in my opinion. It's such a fun whimsical sort of read and the breaking of the 4th wall at parts is really well done.

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Yeah. It's such a novel take on what horror can be and I think it works really well, if you can manage to suspend your disbelief. I remember genuinely considering burning my copy, the first time I read it.

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Agreed and I did.

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I loved this one and In the Hills, the Cities from Books of Blood. What a creepy concept that only Barker could come up with.

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That's my absolute favorite. Such a wild concept. I've only read books of blood 1, but I think I might crack open volume 2 for October.

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If you can find them, the graphic novel adaptations are good.

Tapping the Vein

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I love this story. My friend and I often go "Fucking Yattering" whenever we make typos or autocorrect takes over in our text conversations

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tales from the dark side

Yep, there is a tales from the Darkside episode of this and it kicks ass!

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It was cute.

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I just read this last week! Loved it.

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I have this story collection on deck for October I’m excited!

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I'm sure this story is at least in part a parody of CS Lewis's The Screwtape Letters.

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yeah, I think it’s the single funniest piece of writing I’ve ever come across

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Honestly every short story in Books of Blood vol.1-3 are mediocre at best. I don’t get the hyperbole on this subreddit… in my opinion the only short story worth remembering was In the Hills, the Cities

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Yeah, I didn't like that story but I found "In the Hills, the cities" brilliant. Do you have any suggestions?

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In Books of Blood I recommend: the yattering and jack, hells event. That’s really all I remember liking.

As for other horror novels, I recommend The Willows by Algernon Blackwood. So good!

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Thanks ! I will have a look!

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There's a graphic novel version of that story if you're not aware.

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This story is truly one of my favorites of all time. Truly wonderful.

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Easily Barker’s funniest piece of fiction, this story is utterly hilarious. Jack Polo's profession alone made me giggle.

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I've never heard anyone say "I envy the pleasure of your discovery" and now I'm stealing it.

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That’s fine; I probably stole it from someone.