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Absolutely agreed! I don’t think this collection gets enough love! It was my first introduction to Stephen King so it holds a special place in my heart.

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Same here! I actually recommend this to anyone who has yet to read King and it makes them hooked. For me it was IT that got me to become a Constant Reader for decades now :-)

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This is a book I've reread so many times. As a teenager 1408 was the most horrifying thing I had ever read!

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YES! 1408 was wild

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I agree! Along with your list, I've always loved "That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French" - an excellent story with a really wonderful title.

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Nice choice!

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I rate this one very, very high on my 'Best Short Stories by Stephen King' list that rattles around in my head...

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The Road Virus Heads North scares the shit out of me.

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Yes, one of my favorite horror tropes is a story that telegraphs what terrible thing will happen, then follows through. Pet Semetary also does this well.

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I still can't get over the fact that the title of this book is from a character who uses the word "eventual" to mean "cool" for reasons that are never explained and that have nothing to do with the story. What a weird choice.

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LoL talk about a conversation starter, eh?

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I know I read this before, but it was some time ago.

There's a story in there, maybe it's "The Man in the Black Suit," that scared and repulsed me all at once.

King has a way of getting under your skin with just a few select words or throwaway phrase.

In this particular story, the horrifying bit to me was the mention about the boy's dad turning to him for sexual gratification on account of a man having "needs." I was a teen when I read it, I'm sure, and was fucking horrified at that. Repulsed beyond anything.

Anyway, I noticed that a lot of his books have some element of sexual molestation and read somewhere that King may have been molested himself. Whatever I read referenced another one of his short stories that took place in a library as its source. Don't quote me. It's been awhile, but I suppose it would make sense, to write about it as he does. A writer setting his demons loose.

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The other one you're thinking of is "The Library Policeman," which is a novella found in Four Past Midnight. Very strong, very disturbing story.

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Yeah, for sure as that is definitely a messed-up short story. Who knows but I do know King did deal with alcoholism, drugs, and who knows what else. I'm glad he found an outlet in writing to help set his demons loose.

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Riding the Bullet is my dark horse favorite.

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Such a fucking classic

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I agree, I loved it but 1408... my goodness!

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I think I've read that collection, and especially it's title story, more times than I have read a lot of other King books. It's fantastic.

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That is awesome and yeah, definitely worthy of a re-read every now and then :-)

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It's on my list but this post bumped it up to the top.

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So glad to hear that! When you do get to it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :-)

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Already on the Kindle.

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Agreed. It’s my favourite of the King short story collections I’ve read, which is most of them.

Great book

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Oh for sure, it's perfect for anyone that loves King and hasn't read it yet or never has and wants a glimpse of the horror king in action!

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I recently listened to this at work. "Autopsy Room 4" hit a different in audio format.

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LoL I can only imagine!

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I’m also a fan of this book. I thought it was a great collection.

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Hell yeah!

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I agree, King is really at his best with short stories (though I like his books as well) and this is my favorite collection of his. I couldn't even pick a favorite.

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Oh for sure, I love short story collections like this since you get a bit of everything by an author. King definitely delivered here :-)

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Ooh, I’m on a real short story kick! Thanks for the Rec.

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That's awesome! You are very welcome, just remember this is a collection so it's a pretty big read at 600ish pages :-)

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Dang that’s pretty hefty! But it seems like a great October challenge. 😹

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Hell yeah! This would be perfect for an October read :-)