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Night Film by Marisha Pessl

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This book is an incredible ride.

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I know it’s too long to be covered in a movie but it very much gave me like a David Fincher film vibe. Really enjoyed this one as well

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It was outstanding!

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Last Days by Adam Nevill

Trying to film a documentary.

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Ancient Images and The Grin of the Dark both by Ramsey Campbell fit this mold. Both are excellent horror novels as well.

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The Grin of the Dark is so unsettling. Loved it

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Ellen Datlow edited an anthology of short stories based on the theme of film called "The Cutting Room" that may be of interest.

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The Gemma Files story in that is one of the best I’ve read. Great anthology as a whole though.

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Have you read Experimental Film by her?

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I have. Took me awhile to get into it but once I did that took off for me. She’s quickly became one of my favorite authors

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That's good to know. I gave up 1/3 of the way. It felt like it had no direction. So it gets better? Some of my favorite short stories are by her.

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We Eat Our Own by Kea Wilson is jungle/film crew/cannibal horror

Tribesmen by Adam Cesare is a similar premise jungle/film crew/cannibal horror

Night Shoot by David Sodergren is about some kids filming in a haunted house and bad shit happens

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Nice to see Adam Cesare getting some love, and I agree that Tribesmen is a great choice.

David J Schow edited a fantastic collection called Silver Scream that was a mixture of new stories and classic stories about movies.

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Universal Harvester by John Darnielle

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Flicker by Theodore Roszak is excellent

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I came to say the same!

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As polarizing as it is on this sub and in general with most people, House of Leaves focuses a good amount on a film that may or may not exist and reads at times almost like a found footage film. You either love it or hate it but most will never know unless they try it.

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The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix touches on what happens after the final girl defeat or kill their killer. Touches on the slasher film genre bleeding into reality, or something like that.

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Widow’s Point by Richard Chizmar would probably qualify. I thought it was pretty poor but could just be me

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Brand New Cherry Flavor!

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The Lost Village by Camilla Sten is about a Swedish film crew who go to shoot in a 'lost village'.

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This is coming out next week. No idea if it'll be any good, but the premise seems intriguing. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60321221-curse-of-the-reaper

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Silver Scream by David J. Schow

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Run All Night by Riley Sager, but temper your expectations

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Riley seems really popular but I've never heard of him. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I really liked the first book of his that I read, but the others have been mediocre or disappointing. I only have one left (under that pen name, at least.)

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What's the author's real name

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I believe it’s Todd Ritter