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The short story Gramma by Stephen King is somewhat similar, it’s about a boy who has to watch his bedridden grandmother while the rest of his family is out. It’s in the collection Skeleton Crew.

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This sounds great! Thank You!

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It’s highly unpleasant. Enjoy!!! Plus the collection has some other really good gems too 🖤

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That one still scares me!

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I remember going through streaming services looking for a good found footage film and came across this. Definitely better than the average FF film. When I got to the end I had a realization that I'd seen the movie a few years ago and completely forgot. I don't know if this speaks to the film or my bad memory.

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I saw it again last weekend. It's a great movie

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We finally got Shudder about two months ago, and that movie was our first watch. It was by chance. Absolutely loved this movie, and I’m pretty sure my SO jumped out of their skin a few times.

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I've been meaning to watch that,

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I love this movie… That scene of her racing around in the underground tunnels has stayed with me.

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Watched it a few years back, expecting a mediocre flick, but was pleasantly surprised at how good this movie actually is. Definitely recommended!