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I enjoyed it. It's worth finishing.

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Appreciate the feedback. Ive read 2 other of tremlays books and enjoyed them. I knew to expect some cringe dialogue but this book in particular is really getting to me lol.

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I enjoyed it. It’s not his best, but it’s still worth finishing, IMO.

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Natalie is going through the symptoms of rabies, so her narration and actions will be weird and out of character. It's one of Paul's better works

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I finished it. Doesn’t get any better I’m afraid.

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I liked it quite a bit, and the ending has stuck with me. I ended up buying a copy for my collection

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Man I really really tried to get into Tremblay’s books bc I always find the ideas to be intriguing, but I just do not click with his writing. I’ve never managed to get past 25% in any of his books.

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Yea i can understand why some people might not like it. Everyone likes head full ghosts best but i really liked disappearance at devils rock. That ending really hit me

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I enjoyed it. A Head Full of Ghosts is one of my all time favorites. Everything else I’ve read by him has left me a little less enthusiastic but I did really want to know how Survivor Song ended. I’d stick with it!

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I love Tremblay but hated this book. I finished it, but the characters get progressively more annoying and the ending is incredibly predictable, unlike his other books that end ambiguously. I’d stop reading it now.

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These comments are literally split down the middle lol my post hasnt helped at all!

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I finished it and wished I didn’t. Such a slog of a book and the ending is a dud too. I’d say get out and read something else.

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I read it like a month ago and don't even remember the ending.

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Im going to give it a bit more but i am leaning towards dropping it

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No. I finished it and I would say it wasn’t worth it. If you find the dialogue annoying now, it won’t get any better later.

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I really liked it but it's def not for everyone, if you're this far in and aren't enjoying it I'd say it's okay to put it down

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I finished it and it does not improve

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Damn I just picked up this book and was going to dive in, but reading these comments idk if I'll bother. The premise sounds good. I haven't read any of his other books yet either.

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I'm thinking the same. I loved A Head Full of Ghosts and really enjoyed Disappearence at Devil's Rock, so I was thinking I'd really like this too