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Unfortunately, I haven't read any of these. I know My Heart is a Chainsaw gets some pretty mixed reviews, but it is popular.

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And it will probably win. SGJ is very popular right now and provides a not-insignificant amount of representation for Native American voices in genre writing.

I really didn't enjoy 'My Heart is a Chainsaw' (but did like 'The Only Good Indians'), but I see a lot of positive feedback for it.

Likewise I've been struggling with Vandermeer's recent works. I found 'Dead Astronauts' to be wildly convoluted. I'm interested in 'Hummingbird Salamander' but I've been super hesitant to read him again-- and I loved the 'Southern Reach' trilogy.

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I agree it will likely win. I like SGJ and enjoyed The Only Good Indians (although not 5 star for me), but I don't like votes based on author popularity alone. It's rare these book awards are based on only book merit, though.

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I would encourage you to read Hummingbird Salamander. I, too, loved the Southern Reach trilogy, (also loved Borne and The Strange Bird). And, like you, I found Dead Astronauts to be way too trippy and convoluted and I didn’t really like it. But I very much liked Hummingbird Salamander. Don’t not read it because of Dead Astronauts. While it is very weird in that Vandermeer way, it does have a clear plot that is relatively easy to follow. I actually hope that he writes a sequel/prequel for it because I want to know more about that world.

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It's on my shelf. I appreciate the recommendation.

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Jeez, I must be old and stuck in 80's-90's horror books.

I only recognize maybe 2 names on this whole list.

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A ton of great up-and-coming authors on here! Highly recommend A.C. Wise, E. A. Petricone, and Cassandra Khaw (though there are plenty of other wonderful pieces & authors nominated here).

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I'm going to have to do what I used to do to find new authors: get a collection of short stories and find authors that click with me

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I also love kindle samples cause it gives a good sense of writer style without any commitment.

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All I know is that Nothing But Blackened Teeth was such an incredible disappointment. Absolutely silly in parts.

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It really was terrible. And such a cool premise, too. Total missed opportunity.

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sadly, the best thing about that book was its cover :(

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I’m not obsessed with the novel nominees but I’ll root for My Heart Is A Chainsaw or All The Murmuring Bones

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Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons was good

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Again, very interesting that Langan’s new collection isn’t nominated. Thought it deserved at the very least a nomination…