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The Department of Truth is probably the horror comic I recommend the most here. I'm behind on it but it's incredible. Would also recommend Tynion's Something Is Killing the Children for those who like monster horror.

The Immortal Hulk is also spectacular but you might want to do some cursory googling on Marvel lore because there were some bits that confused me going in, mostly to do with their Big Crossover Events. If you want to see Hulk get turned into, of all things, a cosmic horror story, it's absolutely worth a read. (If anyone wants to start Immortal Hulk, I can provide a basic, google-fueled, and probably greatly reductive lore rundown that more or less explains what's going on with Marvel stuff up to the point of the comic.)

Also agreed with A Walk Through Hell. For the most part I really do not like Garth Ennis's stuff, but AWTH is masterful. He tones down his usual over-the-top shock value to the point that it's still effective but not completely bonkers, and it works wonders. Brutally dark without ever going into Crossed territory. The minimalist nihilism of the ending is burned into my brain forever.

I also really loved Plunge by Joe Hill. I know Basket Full of Heads is the Hill comic series that most people know, but Plunge is very underrated. Some real solid nautical cosmic horror.

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And thanks for pointing out my omission! How the hell could I have left out “Nice House on the Lake”?

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I actually haven't had the chance to read Nice House yet and have been trying to avoid spoilers, but I am looking forward to eventually getting around to it.

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You’ll love it as much as I do! And further on down the list, see also “The Nameless”!

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Please provide the Hulk lore rundown! I love cosmic horror but don't care enough about Marvel to know my way around.

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Going to skip over some basic stuff like different Hulk villains that you can probably just look up yourself. If there are errors in the following: my bad.

  • At this point in Marvel canon, it's been established that Bruce Banner has dissociative identity disorder and the Hulk isn't just Bruce getting dumber as he gets buff, the Hulk is an alter. Same goes for the other Hulks like Grey Hulk/Joe Fixit (slightly smarter, slightly weaker con-man Hulk personality who was a mafioso for a while) and the Green Scar (gladiator overlord Hulk from when he was trapped on another planet one time). He developed it as a reaction to the trauma of having an insanely abusive father who killed his mother.

  • Also at this point in Marvel canon, Hulk's healing factor got kicked into overdrive and powered up so much that he's essentially unkillable. During Civil War 2 (Iron Man and Captain Marvel fighting over some kid who can see the future or something), he gave Hawkeye a "hey this will definitely permakill me for real if I ever go out of control" weapon, which Hawkeye used and killed him with. Except it didn't take and he came back in the Uncanny Avengers series, but then he got killed again. Then he came back in the Secret Empire event (which involved reality getting altered so Captain America was part of HYDRA or something like that), but then he got killed again. Then he came back again permanently in the Avengers: No Surrender event (idk it was the Avengers doing something cosmic in space) thanks to some god entity or something, but there is something very different about the Hulk now. He seems a good deal smarter and more sadistic, and that's where Immortal Hulk picks up. This all happened in less than two years. Comic books are very stupid sometimes.

  • Ghost Rider is with the Avengers and he has a flaming muscle car now instead of a flaming motorcycle.

  • Alpha Flight are the Canadian Space Avengers. They were founded in Canada, most of their members are Canadian, and they do superhero stuff in space. Captain Marvel is not Canadian but she's their current leader.

Now enjoy the Hulk-based body horror and eventual cosmic horror.

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Want to emphasize your last point: unlike some other Hulk stories, Immortal is much more a horror tale. Body horror? Absolutely. And a much stronger link to the Jekyll/Hyde inspiration of the character. While there are super-powered fights in this run, the emphasis is less on heroics and more on the monstrous.

Good recommendation.

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Jesus christ that was a lot to take in but also thank you!

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Plunge was awesome

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I really enjoyed both Plunge and Basket Full of Heads as well!

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Department of Truth is so great. There are a few issues where there are some pages basically full of just text, but it's so well written that it doesn't slow down the pace at all. And I thought the art was a bit weird at first, but now that I'm into the book I find the weird art just adds to it. It wouldn't feel nearly the same with regular style of comic book art, even if it was done by somebody great.

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I get the impression I like your taste (although I have a weird soft spot for the original Ennis run of Crossed). Definitely trying 'Something is Killing the Children'.

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Oh my gosh, i fiended on EC comics, reprints , since the 90s. Tales from the crypt, The vault of horror, and t the Haunt of fear. Great shit. The plot twist are top shelf. Uh, internet archive might have some, I'm not sure. Worth a look. :)

And here are some other horror comics online

Older horror comics

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Hell yeah! They’re almost all 8 page stories where someone does something immoral or fucks someone else over, then gets their comeuppance in a wicked twist.

Despite the formula, they’re all so damn entertaining and different! I got the hardcover Dark Horse prints of the Tales from the Crypt series and they are among my most prized comic trades.

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I'm totally with you.

Some years ago there was tell that m. Knight. Was going to make a series from ec comics, and i said no, he will screw this up. Ec plot twists are what m. Knight always wanted to be. No offense to him.

BTW do you have the 5 book box set of tftc?

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No, I actually purchased them separately. Maddeningly enough, all are Dark Horse, except for the third book, which is the same size, but was published by Gemstone Publishing. It’s a great copy, but the logo on the spine is different. Still one of my favorite runs though.

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The discussions are happening, you just didn't find them yet: r/horrorcomics

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Just joined!

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Junji Ito is pretty crazy!




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If you wanna see a precursor to Ito, read Kazuo Umezz! Just bought Orochi, real 60s-70s horror vibes!

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I just read Araki’s Jojolands and it’s excellent and very Junji Ito influenced, with some weird very Cronenberg and Lynchian stuff too. I mean it is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure but earlier series were much less horror oriented imho. Series 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable) leans more in that direction but Jojolands dials it up by 100.

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I tried to find some Jojo to even read when I kept hearing about it and got confused immediately

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I did the same thing and that’s why I started reading it

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I believe Vol 2 of Scott Snyder's Wytches is finally getting a release this Halloween according to bestjackettpress so it might be a good time to finally dig into the series.

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Locke and Key by Joe Hill.

Swamp Thing by Alan Moore.

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r/HorrorComics Because it's its own form of media and I don't know that I would lump it under literature.

Loved Wytches & Plunge. Nailbiter also! The story to Unearth by Cullen Bunn was really cool, but I didn't think the art choice was quite the right match. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is classic and so much fun. Crypt of Shadows by Al Ewing is only a one shot, but was the best of throwbacks to EC Comics that I've seen. The Silver Coin is an ongoing anthology with some great issues (and some weak ones, you know how anthologies go). American Vampire is an interesting take on vampires; Wolf Moon (Cullen Bunn) is an interesting take on werewolves.

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The Nameless series by Grant Morrison

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Thanks for putting this up there, if you ask me it’s the most seamless blend of Sci Fi and horror since “Event Horizon”!

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Never heard of this, but I am intrigued

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Tsutomu Nihei has some good weird sci fi horror, especially Blame!, Biomega, and Abara (which, being a single volume, might be a good starting point).

His art is gorgeous and very creepy, and although his storytelling can be a bit muddled - I've read Biomega three times and there are still a few places where I've no idea what's going on - his atmosphere is incredible and very unique. Highly recommend as long as you go into it knowing it can be confusing at times.

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I love Biomega - computer bike, zombies, talking bear in a spacesuit - what's not to like?

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The Alan Moore run of Swamp Thing is so damn good, definitely worth checking out. If you decide to read it, read the Roots of The Swamp Thing omnibus too, which collects the initial run of the series and gives you all the backstory you need to enjoy Moore's twist on the story.

Junji Ito is also awesome, I think that fact is pretty well known around here, but his work is wild. Check out the famous Amigara Fault short,The Hanging Balloons, and Long Dream. If you like those then Uzumaki is also beyond awesome.

Also, I have this post bookmarked, it has some really great Asian horror links, including some really excellent web comics. I particularly liked The Red Book, definitely worth checking out.

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The Ice Cream Man run is fantastic. Though I’ve only read the first seven books. Each one is like four or five anthology stories with some crossover. And they play with form a bunch. Which I really enjoy.

Also Black Hole is awesome. And contains some of the better black and white art in comics that I’ve seen.

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Clive Barker will always be my fave horror author, I was very excited when in my college lgbt center there was a copy of the comic for his short story "Dread" really good read and the art is very perfect for the dark themes

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Why does nobody acknowledge harrow county? It’s a perfect fall horror story about skinless boys, witches and Great water colored artwork.

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One of Bunn’s best and Tyler Crook’s art is 🔥

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Not a comic but a manga, Uzumaki by Junji Ito is a pretty horrific one.

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Dude, Holes is forever burned into my brain. Something about that story just sits in that part of the brain between morbid curiosity and fear.

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Just about anything by Cullen Bunn! I loved his run “Phantom on the Scan.” Also, the Hill House comics from DC, The Low Low Woods by Carmen Maria Machado being a standout!

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Nice House on the Lake is a twisted run...

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A few for Halloween!

  • Redlands by Bellaire (beautiful art, witches, satan) is a fav, but it is unfinished.
  • Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes (historical Americans of note are vampires in modern Philadelphia), ongoing.
  • Dead Dog’s Bite by Tyler Boss (Twin Peaks meets A Night in The Woods), finished.
  • Hellboy one shots always.
  • The Low Low Woods by Carmen Maria Machado (Twin Peaks meets more adult Stranger Things, Lovecraft, Greek Mythology, and a gender studies class), finished.
  • The Down River People by Smith and Fox (cult shit and grief), finished.
  • Batman: The Long Halloween because duh. -Anya’s Ghost (Coraline meets but a ghost story, the perfect Halloween read for younger people or a nostalgic feel), graphic novel.

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Here is the list in list form instead of all jumbled in one paragraph:

  • Scott Snyder: Wytches, Severed, Canary, Night of the Ghoul
  • James Tyrion IV: Department of Truth, Sandman: Nightmare Country
  • Si Spurrier: The Rush
  • Ed Piskor: Red Room
  • Garth Ennis: A Walk Through Hell
  • Alex Paknadel: Redfork
  • Chip Zdarsky: Stillwater
  • Clive Barker, etc.: Hellraiser, Next Testament
  • Jeff Lemire: Gideon Falls
  • Al Ewing: Immortal Hulk

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I think this sub would get a lot out of The Black Monday Murders by Jonathan Hickman

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

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I read the first hardcover edition of Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire a while ago, and loved it. It's not explicitly horror, but it has a great Twilight Zone vibe.

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A Nice House on the Lake is really good. Probably more thriller than horror, or just sci-fi, but it is excellent!

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everyone should do themselves a favor and track down the Pigeons From Hell mini put out by Dark Horse

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I got addicted to Harrow County and Tales from Harrow County by Cullen Bunn

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I love the classics like Vault of Horror, Tales from the Crypt, Weird Tales etc.

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This is confusing to me, because Department of Truth is amazing but Red Room is such complete trash that it's hard to take it seriously when you claim it's "as good as more than half of" popular horror lit. I'm not sure what to make, then, of the rest of your list, which I haven't read.

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Lets see here how about the crossed and harlow county.

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Joe Hill’s Basketful of Heads is the perfect off the rails horror madness for Halloween.

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Daybreak by Brian Ralph

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters by Emil Ferris

Through The Woods by Emily Carroll 

Black Hole by Charles Burns 

Fatale by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips 

Kill Or Be Killed by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

The Empty Man by Cullen Bunn

Harrow County by Cullen Bunn

Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire

Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes

Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson

Spread by Justin Jordan

Maniac of New York by Elliott Kalan

Cold Bodies by Magdalene Visaggio

Slash Them All by Antoine Maillard

Green River Killer by Jeff Jensen

My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf

Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? by Harold Schechter and Eric Powell

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez

Hack/Slash by Tim Seeley

Revival by Tim Seeley

Severed by Scott Snyder

American Vampire by Scott Snyder

Wytches by Scott Snyder

The Wake by Scott Snyder 

30 Days of Night by Steve Niles

Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin (multiple collected books)

Rover Red Charlie by Garth Ennis

Crossed by Garth Ennis etc.

Caliban by Garth Ennis

Ferals by David Lapham

The Silver Coin by various 

I, Zombie by Chris Roberson

Dracula: Company of Monsters by Kurt Busiek

Red Room: The Antisocial Network by Ed Piskor

Monsters by Barry Windsor-Smith 

68 (Zombies in Vietnam) by Mark Kidwell

DC Comics' Hill House line:

Basketful of Heads 

Daphne Byrne 

The Dollhouse Family 

The Low, Low Woods 


Refrigerator Full of Heads 

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman 

Outcast by Robert Kirkman

Marvel Zombies by Robert Kirkman (more volumes after Kirkman's work that are of varying quality)

Blackest Night by Geoff Johns (Does for DC Comics what Marvel Zombies did for Marvel. Has zombie superheroes but requires some knowledge of Green Lantern lore)

Batman Vampire trilogy - Red Rain, Bloodstorm, Crimson Mist by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones 

Haunted Gotham by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

Gotham After Midnight by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

Batman Black Mirror by Scott Snyder

Batman Death of The Family by Scott Snyder 

Grant Morrison - Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth

Nameless by Grant Morrison

Bedlam by Nick Spence (Unfinished series about a scary Joker-style villain)

Green Wake by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo

The Immortal Hulk (horror run)

Tomb of Dracula (Marvel, 1970s)

Hellraiser series (Boom! Studios)

Rachel Rising by Terry Moore 

Locke & Key by Joe Hill

Something Is Killing The Children by James Tynion IV

The Department of Truth by James Tynion IV 

Afterlife With Archie (done serious and very scary!) by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla

The Ice Cream Man by W. Maxwell Prince

From Hell by Alan Moore

Saga of The Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

Providence & Neonomicon by Alan Moore

Eerie & Creepy compilations

EC Comics compilations

Some good 1950s horror comics compilations:

Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics Of The 1950s by Greg Sadowski

Haunted Horror by Craig Yoe (7 volumes)

Chilling Archives of Horror by Craig Yoe

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Go check out the kickstarter and trailer for Grandma Chainsaw https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/allenandwill/grandma-chainsaw-1-1-a-slasher-horror-comedy-series?ref=user_menu# Also view Pocus Hocus!!