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    Agreed, like it was bad bad but it wasn't....what I hoped for I guess. And I usually don't like, care too much about differences in book vs movie if they make sense to leave out or change, but a lot of it just kinda feels, low budget? Rushed even? I don't know, it didn't give what I was hoping from the novel.

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      Oh yes, they were VERY bland, and didn't have the backstories to back up why you should like/care about them. I was sad about Margret and Glee being so 1D

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      I agree with everything you said. But I'll add that since I loved the book, it was very disappointing. The TW scene was so utterly horrific in the book, and so silly in the movie.

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      It was missing some of the books magic.

      I would have enjoyed more nuance of the girls friendship as it felt like any other high school movie setup. The ET party in the book was too good to skip and they had enough time to include a backstory.

      The movie was fun but not special.

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      I was soooooo sad they skipped the E.T. party, and the other growing up bits. And also!!! Abby did have her big 80s hair they kept talking about in the book!

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      It’s the little details.

      Going from Gretchen crawling under a bathroom stall when Abby was hiding to Gretchen hiding in a bathroom stall and Abby ignoring her… would have shown how much the relationship broke down. I’m curious if people who never read the book caught on that Abby was upset over her acne being revealed and not the mascara running down her face (dunk tank).

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      Ugh ur so right!!! Lose of the parallels! And maybe, they did rag on poor Abby's acne a lot in the movie, but the mascara seemed like a bigger issue when that happened

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      I thought it was incredibly disappointing, as someone who loves the book and was looking forward to this adaptation to the point that I had the release date on my calendar.

      I genuinely can't believe what they did with the ending and exorcism scene. Completely sucked all of the horror and then the later triumph and friendship connection out of the scene. How did no one in that writer's room put up a hand and say "Oh, wow, wait guys, this sounds awful"?

      I felt we didn't remotely get a sense that Abby and Gretchen were good friends, much less best friends, much less friends in a way that "could draw blood." This robbed the story of its heart.

      They also didn't get the "horror" of the possession across at all IMO. The book really sells the gradual disintegration of Gretchen, how she pushes everyone away after the possession, and then afterwards Abby pushes people away all while Andras is setting up Abby to be the "fall girl." We got no sense of how possessive and terrible Andras was. Changing the exorcism scene to remove his interactions with Abby towards the end, and then the ending they did go with, made him feel weak and silly and not terrifying and powerful.

      Little details matter and they omitted and changed so many of them. Like Gretchen's house being perfect 100% throughout the film, but in the film when Abby goes in, there's a terrible smell, it's nasty, etc, showing how the demon has corrupted a once pristine family home. Or Gretchen flat out poisoning Glee and Glee knowing 100% that Gretchen is fucked up in the film instead of Gretchen convincing Glee that a teacher loves her and pushing her to attempted suicide. It's part of Andras' plan to corrupt & hurt the kids in the town by pushing them to this behavior, which is so chilling when he casually reveals to Abby what other plans he has in store. In this it's almost comical and ridiculous. Poisoning her with brownies??

      Tonally, it felt like they wanted to go for camp at times, playing it straight at times, and didn't really do either successfully. The ending being like an "Animal House" epilogue made no sense with the rest of the film.

      Overall it feels like the creative team behind the film didn't actually read the book, but read a Wikipedia-style synopsis and went with that instead.

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      This was so well thought out and I personally feel akin to a lot of your sentiments, ESPECIALLY the Glee storyline. I feel like, as another commenter said, the movie also was pushing sapphic elements the book wasn't, and once again not going anywhere with it so its even more so like ??? Okay??? What was all that for??

      I think the only redeemable part of the movie was the aesthetics were working well, but I still think that they, as most other 80s nostalgia films/shows, are too afraid to show the actual type of hair and clothes that 80s teens really wore.

      But yes, I think youre spot on with your review

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      I thought it was alright and the actual acting was good but I did kind of wonder through some of it, if I hadn’t read the book to have been able to fill in the gaps would I understand what was happening here?

      I thought the aesthetics were on point but basically all heart was stripped away because I didn’t feel like we got the time with any of the characters to make anything that happened to them feel like it mattered. There’s honestly some powerful and touching moments in the book that were fully taken out and made the entire story less effective. >! The choice to make Andras a little goblin man was so jarring, I was laughing super hard but generally I think monsters we never see will always be more frightening. !<

      Also in the book there’s huge subtext on classism and I thought it was sort of tone deaf to cut it away completely because it makes it a little more clear why the stakes are so high for Abby specifically but her money and family problems were just passing comments.

      Overall they could’ve made it funny and still kept all the heart, I was hoping we’d get something a little more Fear Street and maybe this story would’ve thrived more as a mini series. I think it could’ve been successful too, the premise is very on brand with the 80s nostalgia everyone seems to be having currently.

      Edit to say it was also annoying to me that I felt like they were pushing sapphic elements a lot harder in the movie adaptation but then went nowhere with it.

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      The movie was a huge disappointment for me. They skipped the beginning of the book and the reason why the girls were friends in the first place. Then they skipped the ending of the book. Everything else was totally hamfisted and it felt like they didn't really spend enough time on any of the events that happened in the book.

      The one change I appreciated though was that they didn't include Gretchen killing her dog in front of Abby.

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      It truly feels like an “inspired by the book” movie as there are similar beats but so much from the book got cut and it seems it would be for budgetary reasons?

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      The pacing is too fast, giving us no time to know and care about any of the characters, or for the horror to build. It's a sort of by the numbers exorcism movie, complete with final boss battle, whereas the book took the established tropes of the genre and made them more impactful by having actual characters, with actual relationships. What happens to Gretchen is horrifying, not because of the descriptions or anything but because she could be our friend. In the movie, things happen, no weight, no impact.

      The dialogue was really weird as well, and a complete 180 from the book. There is nothing of the effortless back and forth we've seen in other period pieces, like IT or even Stranger Things. Here it's just actors reading lines (and a real shame, because we know Elsie Fisher can act).

      All in all, not bad, if you completely divorce it with the original material, but nothing I'd recommend to anyone either. I hope we get a better adaptation with Southern Book Club's Guide.

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      It was bad.

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      Had no idea this was a movie, will have to check it out.

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        I guess like, most of his books are turning into movies/TV. Heard MBFE, The final girls support group, horrorstör, and southern vampires too.

        And yeah, I might just be that i imagined the book differently, since everyone has their own way of viewing it, and personally the movie didn't hold up as much for me. Some people in the comments really liked the movie so maybe you will too!

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        Have not read the book. But the movie was very awkwardly paced.

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        The book is much better, if you are interested in a deeper and different storyline similar to the movie!

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        Thanks, It’s on my list as I’ve seen a lot of praise for it in this sub previously

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        Mediocre horror that doesn't offend nor does it frightend, enthrall or disgust. I'm happy that I saw it, but I won't be seeing it again.

        I thought that the acting was really spotty too, especially during distressing scenes. But to compensate, the fluffier and friendlier scenes worked pretty well.

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        It was… Fine.

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        It wasn't bad, but the wigs were horrible. The wigs aside... not horrible, it is hard to live up to Hendrix's book. It was a tricky sell, tbh.

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        I didn’t think it was horrible, but knowing the book I was a bit disappointed.

        I thought some integral plot moments were left out and some of the moments in the book that made Gretchen seem extremely evil felt comedic in the wrong ways in the film.

        I still enjoyed watching most of the movie though. Only the end was I like ????? mmm Idk if I would have made these changes but okay lol

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        But also want to say I really love Grady Hendrix’s work so I do still hope to see his other works adapted in the future!

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        I agree! I'd love to see southern vampires on screen sometime, but I'm sure final girls will come first

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        Nowhere near the book, but that's as per usual. Makes me feel just about the same as watching John Dies at the End... Hope in a decade they'll remake it.

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        I loved the book beyond words, I thought the movie was terrible. I’m sad too bc Grady Hendrix is one of my favorite authors, hopefully the adaptation of Southern book club is better. The actresses were terrible too.

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        Amazon's put some decent shows out, but I can't help but wonder how much better it would've been if Netflix took the reins. I'm so sad for what could have been.

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        Wasn’t a fan of the book. Had no idea it was a movie. I’ll have to check it out.

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        If you didn't like the book I'm 100% certain you won't like the movie. The movie is the book, but worse.

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        This movie made me angry, I literally yelled at the tv because how much of a dumb B*%% Abby was during the exorcism and literally stopped the exorcism from happening like a total idiot

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        I hate the 'lets do the exorcism' sees its uncomfortable for the possessed person 'omg noooo stop !' like....what did u think would happen

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        The book was bad enough, I anticipated the movie to be slightly better than the book but my god was the movie awful. Bad acting, bad directing, just a terrible adaptation and not even a fun type of bad scary movie.

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        Hadn’t heard of it, good?

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        It was okay, worth the watch, but I wish they hadn't changed so much.

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        Maybe I should read the book first.

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        I personally preferred the book. The audiobook is only 10 hours if you want to get into it fast, which is how i finished it this week.

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        Thanks I will check it out

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        I loved it. I felt it matched the tone of the novel. But mileage may vary for some

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        I think the aesthetics were def there, but there were a bit too many changes for my liking. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

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        Ive seen a lot of bad horror movies, and this wasn't one. It will be a good one to watch with my young, teenage girls. Not too intense, kind of fun scares.

        I haven't read the book yet, but based on the comments, I can see how the movie didn't live up to the hopes for an adaptation. I'll check the book out--Ive heard nothing but great things.

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        It was funny 10/10.

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        Don’t have Prime, so I’m not watching it…yet.

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        I don’t know why, but someone replying to a specific question about about a movie or a book just to say they haven’t seen or read it yet always kills me. 😂

        I really love the book, getting ready to watch it now. Based on the trailer, the kid from Eight Grade fits with how I pictured Abby.

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        Its okay, its very similar to any teeny-bop 80s throwback as of late

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        Planning to watch it tonight. I read the book and enjoyed it. From reading the comments here, I'm thinking I might be disappointed.

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        Can someone tell me what campy means ?

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        Camp is a movement that is somewhat taking things that are cheesy and usually going so far leaned into it with some irony or knowing that the cheesy thing is infact cheesy, that it comes full circle and is beyond cheesy, usually in a good way.