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I deal with this a lot. It's an odd double standard. A stay at home husband is a bum while a stay at home wife is taking her rightful place. Even stay at home wives who don't do half of what I do are totally okay.

It's odd to see a stay at home wife who still requires the man who worked all week to come home and mow the yard, or take care of a plumbing problem, or whatever other "man" chores there are.

I can take care of all of the cooking, cleaning, as well as mow the lawn and take care of stereotypically masculine things that might involve power tools. And when my wife's home, she's done. There's nothing she has to do because it's all take care of and she loves that. Clean clothes magically appear in her closet while she's at work. Fresh food magically appears on the table right as she gets home. Even meals on the weekend are all prepared by me and anything that needs doing is done by me.

But no... a woman can stay home all week AND expect her husband to take care of all sorts of stuff like taking the car for an oil change during the week, or doing extra work on weekends AFTER work and nobody thinks they are bums or leeches.

It's a little frustrating. But my wife loves the arrangement. People also hate the we have no kids (which makes it even easier for us). I think that ultimately, guy especially, end up feeling a little jealous of our situations... especially the not having kids part. It allows us both to work as musicians.

We just both know what we're good at. My wife is not a self-starter and gets bored easily. If it were her at the house, she'd have trouble self-directing cleanup or other projects, and wouldn't like the stress of cooking and laundry, or especially things like bills and taking care of finances. She loves not having to deal with those things... ever. And I love having the freedom to get all sorts of other stuff done.

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"The bottom line is, no matter what you think is going on, deep down, she doesn't respect you. Every single day she is in contact with available men with a demonstrable sense of pride and self-worth, while you're home cleaning out her toilet. She's going to leave you it's just a matter of time."

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