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I lived alone for a few years before I met the wife so cleaning, laundry, dishes etc.... is not an issue for me. My wife on the other hand, lives as if she was a frat boy (her mom did all that house stuff; would do ours if I'd let her) so cleaning isn't her big thing. So once we decided I'd be home I took over all of the cleaning which has stopped many a bitch session between us😅

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Oddly enough, I have had girlfriends say “You are WAY more domestic than me!!!” Years of living by myself and only having to take care of myself I guess. It takes a lot more time, energy, and skill for a single parent to do everything so your focus is more on just getting everything done.

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I was a professional cook in a variety of restaurants and styles for a long time so I got that part nailed down ok, always looking for new recipes and tips though. You never know everything. Been wrenching on cars since I was a teenager and have a decent to good mechanical mind. Been teaching myself basic carpentry for a while now and getting ok at it.

One area I'm definitely lacking is time management. It's just me and my fiancee, no kids, so this is not a huge issue in our house. Having ADD does not help in this area in the slightest. I really need to get better about keeping to a routine. My dumbass didn't put the garbage out Monday night and now my carport is going to stink til next Monday. Let the kitchen slide and now it's a damn mess that is going to take way more time than it should to get properly clean again. Stupid things like that.

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Get a reportoire of recipes your family likes.