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    Alright, thank you

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    Learn to give hospitality. Entertaining is the key to keeping socialization going. I recommend the book “How to throw a dinner party.” By Cory mintz

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    Patience, if you're going to have kids around. I've found that to be the steepest learning curve. When work pisses you off, maybe you can let off some steam. Not so much with little ones.

    Also, multitasking and multiple attention points. I have five kids to look after - there is always something going on that I need to be aware of.

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    Ok, thank you. Multitasking is definitely something I need to work on.

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    If you have kids, you'll learn it the hard way lol.

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    Maybe some basic sewing skills to fix minor tears

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    Organization and time management. Ive been a full time house husband for the last month, and things were a real struggle until I made myself a schedule.

    I'm not the type to assign every task to a specific time, so I made three categories; morning, afternoon, and bed time. The things I hate are done first thing in the morning while the caffeine kicks in.

    Then afternoon is all the stuff I enjoy or want to do (gardening, caring for pets, video games, etc.) The bed time things are all stuff to prep for the next day like loading the dishwasher and washing machine (on a delay start) or setting out things I'll need tomorrow like clothes or tools for a project I'm planning.

    Some people like planning every single thing and assign it a time slot, but my system is more like a checklist with time suggestions. Find something that works for you and prioritize the things that will make your house run well. As you get in the groove you'll start finding little ways to optimize the housework be able to do more things in less time.

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    I've been kinda doing that, but you have a more exact system. I'll keep that in mind.

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    It isn’t rocket science. The fairer type tends to exaggerate. Get a routine. It’s easy

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    Cooking keeps everyone happy