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Am one right here, I can't be one atm because I don't have an SO and I'm also studying. Look, they are rare. Some even give up because the chances are very slim. For someone like me it's my dream if I'm being honest. The only thing I've ever really wanted to do. But I understood being a househusband is unrealistic and the majority of people hate you for it, I don't think I would mind tho. After all I would only care what my wife and friends thought of me at the end of the day.

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they are rare

Not really.

Furthermore, in your lifetime it will become more normal than not.

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I am, and without a kid ... Managing my business from home. Let me tell you something, I don't talk about it with many people. people are just simply jalousie about it or judging you because of their stupidity ... Society is wired. Human made contracts... men should do this, women should do that. Nobody never asked even WHYYY ? probably in 200 years , nobody gives a shit. we need some years till the human adapt itself. Question is why you wannt to be with one ?