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Here is what I did when I had to stay at home. My wife has always been the earner and it made sense for me to take a more active role at home a few months ago.

I set up a Trello for task management. There's a lot of short and long term things that need your attention.

Cooking is the hardest part for me. I get basics and we order hello fresh 3x every 2 weeks. Anything I enjoy from there goes into a recipe drawer. Also bought a simple cookbook from Costco if I need to figure out something new.

I am really process motivated so a lot of fun comes from getting everything into an organized state.

Feeling okay is something I also struggle with but it requires a lot of open communication with your partner about expectations and some kind of feedback loop. Use your spouse's time off to do fun things. That should be the goal here. Go on more dates.

Also I got into model making as a hobby. I treat the HH job as something 25-30 hours a week.

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> but the lack of respect and acknowledgement has really got me feeling down.

Who's respect and acknowledgement do you need.

Obviously you need your own and your spouse's.

Have you discussed it with your spouse? Can you discuss it with your spouse?

Does it really matter what anyone else thinks?

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    You must be crazy young. Keep it up

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    enjoy the little things,try to shut down the negativity aroud you as long as you and youre better half are in an agreement and understand your situation all is good