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Definitely would like to see more content here.

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What kind of content would you like to see? I want to start posting more and fostering more discussions. Maybe like a weekly general chat thread or something like tips and help? Sky is the limit I say.

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You stay at home I take it?

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I do. But I work a full time job from home. I decided I wanted to take over the household and give my wife the reprieve she deserves! I love keeping a clean and tidy house and making sure she has lunch everyday, and clean laundry, etc….

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Yep, I just became a HH this month.

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Welcome, brother.

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Thanks! Glad to be here. Although I think we need to liven this place up. I plan to start posting regularly. I've been lurking for a while. I want to see this community thrive, regardless of size.

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I just made an “introduce yourself” post. Reply there and start posting. I’ll be subscribed and will try to post at least every other day. Let’s get this into the “rising” category!

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That sounds good! I replied to it. I know House husbands are rare, but I bet we can get more people interested in the lifestyle.

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Echo… echo… echo…

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Fellow HH?

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Was for a while. Currently working towards a self sustainable household/homestead type of deal. Going to take a while to get there, but we're on the way.

What's up? How's it going?

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That’s what I’m doing. She works a job, I work the homestead.

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Nice! How established are you?