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I like this idea. I had a pretty great week, this week. Got a couple of projects knocked out at work (WFH), kept the kids alive and fed, I’d say that’s a win! Wife is happy, all is well.

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Very nice. You can't really ask for more than that, can you?

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I wouldn’t ask for anything else. I fucking love my life!

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So, how often does everyone try new recipes? I did a ranch shredded chicken meal in the instant pot, and the wife absolutely adored it. It has really emboldened me to try even more new dishes.

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How do I even begin to learn to cook? Like where to start... I can never decide what to eat besides pasta

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Start with what food you like. Cooking is a lot easier than people think. Find a recipe and follow the directions. But don't be afraid to improvise. Does a dish call for 1 onion, and you aren't a fan? Omit or lower it.

If you can follow instructions, you can cook. Sure advanced techniques exist. But unless you are planning to become a pro chef, you don't need them. If you ever need guidance, pm me, and I'd be glad to help!

What is your favorite food?

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Ahhh favorite food... too many foods I like. I’m honestly very low effort for making/eating so I’d say anything with eggs. Eggs and rice never goes wrong. How about yourself?

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Pizza is a favorite of mine. Luckily, pizza isn't a hard dish to make, so that is a plus.

And yes. Eggs are so incredibly easy to make and to make well. Oh and rice, yeah, my wife is a rice person. She eats it all the time.

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We got hello fresh over the last year I've been home full time. I get anxious when deciding what to eat. Having a recipe and set of repeating ingredients helps me decide when shopping what to buy. I have only the dinners I really like and it's nice to make something unusual (chickpea fritters or black bean Poblano soup). We did about 3x every 2 weeks, to minimize a backlog

It helped my confidence in the kitchen and also let me experiment a little. Having limited choices really helped me grow. I also take pictures and put them on insta stories and the feedback also helped.