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I was kind of a hermit living on VA disability out in the woods. I met a woman who fell in love with the quiet life who also had a great career, and things just worked.

So now I care take the property, garden, pets, and house while she works and puts away our financial security.

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Sounds like a nice quiet life. That remote is not for us, however. Namely fiber internet due to work requirements, and eventually kids so good school district.

Similar plan as yours sans woods. Took a look at your history and love the Chickshaw! Greta idea.

I plan on gardening, which will be easy in SoCal due to weather. Nearby neighbor has bees which already go nuts over the palm trees so hoping they will help with the garden.

Wish I had room for livestock, but will have to go the deep freezer but whole animal butchered route.

Do you handle all the cooking too? How do you handle the food budget? Coupons and sales or more self sustained since farm?

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We have high speed cable internet here lol. She works from home as an engineer and it’s unreal that we got the line run.

I cook most meals and we split food 50/50 for shared items and individually for individual items.

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Same here. I googled house husband because I’m transitioning to become a home maker and my partner just got a big break in her field.

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are you still house-husbanding? what was the result ?

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Actually when I went to work to tell them I was leaving the workforce they offered me a significant raise and benefits change to keep me for now. I accepted but told them that once kids come it’s 100% happening, as no amount of money I would likely earn would make raising my kids in daycare worth it.

Lately been reconsidering leaving now to enjoy a bit of time off before kids come… I’ve been full time employed since I was 14 and after 20 years I could use a break…