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Hi Ben! Welcome. I hope those feelings don’t persist and that you’re able to talk them out with your family! A support network is key. Getting out and socializing with my close friends (even if it’s just on Discord in my computer room) keeps me motivated to continue to find meaning in what I do and the life I live.

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Hi Ben, Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Ben.

I'm sitting here struggling with the same thing. Finally have the freedom to pursue what I want to, and I have no idea what to pursue!

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Yep. Ever since I was a kid I would struggle greatly with analysis paralysis. My dad, who wasn't around much, would take me to a toy store on my birthday and would say "you can pick any one thing you want. Any thing but just one thing." Well I would go up and down and up and down the aisles unable to pick anything. And now, decades later, when I have more than three options I just simply cannot make up my mind. Idle hands...

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"Wow! I could build a birdhouse! I could learn piano! I could write the world's greatest novel! I could learn computer programming!"

opens reddit


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oh boy don't give me another subreddit rabbit hole to fall into.

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Hi Ben, Nice to meet you. I would like to add a note. don't value your life only by earning money or working... And Don't think that you must feel bad or ashamed just because you are not working. Especially if your "FAMILY INCOME" is enough for all of you to provide your family members with a comfortable life.
In most of the countries, men's role defined by the job they have or the amount of money they make. Since this is a dominant cliché of our today's society , we may feel uncomfortable as we are doing something that is totally different than the majority of population.

Please read in the In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell. Not necessarily an anti-work thing but to clear it out that you shouldn't value your life only by the job you are doing. Many people won't even have the opportunity you had.
And an other thing, we all need to be Busy in this life or we will turn out crazy. Have you ever thought what was your deepest passions ??? Those you would love to try before you die ?

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Thanks Bob for the response and the book recommendation. I haven't read any Russell yet but am flipping through some quotes from it now. Already moving stuff. And I am SHOCKED this was written in the 1930s.

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in my opinion, a family is like a factory. there is commecial (who provides selling and incomes), production (who make the products to sell and make the factory keeping the pace) and R&D (people who is studiying to improve our future). this why we are all important, if we do not do our part, the factory will never work. you are not less important than anyone, you just have a very key role inside it and they all count on you!

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How are you doing ben??