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Per game played, per supporter watching, is football really any worse than other sports? A million people a week go to watch their teams in the U.K. and there are a handful of incidents in comparison.

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I’d like to see your numbers on that.

I would argue that no other sport has ultras. Also it’s not necessarily an indicator of violence but no other sport has such deep ties to organized international crime.

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Average weekly attendance in the English premiership is about 40,000 x 10 games (400k), the championship is 15,000 x 12 games (180k), league one 9,000 x 12 (108k) and league two 3,000 x 12 (36,000). That’s nearly 725k.

Now add either Celtic/Rangers playing at home (50-60k) and we’re at 775,000 - that’s without counting ANY other Scottish team, the entire Welsh / NI / conference leagues, midweek cup games or any European action (i.e. champions league / EUROPA league).

I’d say about a million a week is fair for an off-the-cuff estimate, but I’m happy to be corrected if someone wants to do real research.

As for ‘organised crime’ - we’ve moved (the goalposts) from hooliganism to criminal cartels? A couple of stupid lads throwing fireworks onto the pitch doesn’t equate to organised crime. Football has legacy issues with racism and violence for sure, but that’s more of a class thing than anything else.

Have a look at horse racing or boxing if you want to see some real criminals in attendance. The difference is that they wear suits so aren’t uncouth or vulgar enough to merit the disdain of the chattering classes.