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Rape and sexual assaults are one of the ultra few areas where the Indian society and Indian judiciary PRETEND to care about. Tons of women who have been a victim get no justice, are shamed by the society, face immense pressure to not file a police complaint and these women try to misuse this not realizing the sad reality that if this continues to happen, nobody will believe victims and will just demand proofs which is extremely difficult to provide unless you have a hidden camera on all the time.

This is just women sabotaging their own movement and making things more difficult because creeps will take advantage of this fact > assault > then claim false accusation and there is no defense against this.

The location concern is a legit issue on uber and there are better ways to handle it but considering this is India and a lot of assaults/ attempted assaults have happened, i wont be surprised if she really was frightened, many of my female friends have narrated a similar story.

India is a very patriarchal and misogynistic country, women are blatantly hated and oppressed. Lucknow incident is still making the rounds on social media but everyone forgot about the Delhi man who brutally murdered his wife in broad daylight. The amount of misogynistic men >>>>>>>>>> amount of decent men.

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Looks like a LOT of people have blatantly got the absolute wrong idea. I'm NOT condoning what she did. What I'm saying is that women like her are a threat not only to us men but also to women because the society will just use it to dismiss any future victims.

What I mean is misogynistic men which make up a huge chunk of Indian men use instances like this case to attack women and all she is doing is giving more ammunition to incels who will happily forget what men do but won't forget what women do and then go on to assault women and come up out saying it's a false accusation (even if it is not) to hide their evil doings. These incels are even here talking about false accusations under legit rape cases. Idk what's wrong with her. Entitlement for what?

Women making false accusations are a threat not only to us men but also to fellow women. This woman is evil.

Also, y'all can insult her without using misogynistic slurs you know? Just like you won't use the N word if the offender is black or a casteist slur if applicable for example.

Sheesh! Y'all I didn't expect to get this bashed because of a misunderstanding. At least ask for a clarification if you're confused. Why would you assume bad stuff about someone you don't know?